I am hated for ... loving Morrissey

Discussion in 'Fans / Introductions' started by Jack Leslie, Jul 10, 2018.

By Jack Leslie on Jul 10, 2018 at 12:59 PM
  1. Jack Leslie

    Jack Leslie Member

    Jul 10, 2018
    This weekend I ventured down to the goliath of a city that is London to see the cure at Hyde park. The day was assured to be a fun one , it was sunny , England won against Sweden and everyone was enjoying themselves. I ventured to the gig wearing a Sheila take a bow t shirt thinking nothing of it and that I would just be seen as a music lover, I was incorrect.

    During the gig I was shouted at and mocked for the t-shirt , and called a nazi, a fascist and a homophobe. To this I replied "why am i being called this" and I found it was due to my love of Morrissey and for the words he says rather than my own personal beliefs. This wasn't just a single event it happened numerous times throughout the day.

    I personally don't believe Morrissey is a racist, far from it in fact, and I don't believe be has fascist views. But very narrow minded people do believe this and will revel in the opportunity to insult and provoke his fans into action.

    To this I urge all moz fans to not rise to the hatred felt by our haters and to not give into the pressure put upon us by many media sites and journalists.

    After the abuse I felt from people I was feeling rather worried about wearing my smiths and Morrissey attire. However the next day I got up, put my Morrissey t shirt on, and put maladjusted on in the pub juke box.

    I just wanted to share this story to show the nasty nature of some people in the modern world and to urge people not to rise to it and to continue to listen to and love Morrissey.
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Discussion in 'Fans / Introductions' started by Jack Leslie, Jul 10, 2018.

    1. lanterns
      wear it proudly. being simply a music lover nowadays doesnt seem to be possible anymore. it's like being a soccer fan and wearing the "wrong" fan-shirt and being harassed for it by all sorts of drunken, testosterone-laden hooligans from other "teams". they are looking for confrontation wherever possible and would even harass young children who are wearing a shirt that their parents had chosen for them. such dumb-arsed people have always existed.
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    2. Uncleskinny
      How awful that people don't like bigotry. In the words of Paul Weller...,"You've made your bed, you better lie in it". The man you "love" is a poster boy of racists and bigots. You're welcome to him.
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    3. Anonymous
      Christ,what a warm welcome to a new guy on here.
      Whatever you think of Morrissey,still doesn't excuse those abusing this young lad.
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    4. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      For God's sake man, if you agree with his views man up and take it on the chin. Nutty Islamists and far righters are trying to bring about some kind of race war and Morrissey is playing his part in that. If you want to get involved you'll have to have a tougher spine.
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    5. Jack Leslie
      Jack Leslie
      I'm not saying I agree with him , far from it with many of his points, I just don't believe fans should be persecuted based on someone else's views when they do not share them
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    6. vegan.cro spirit# 445
      vegan.cro spirit# 445
      Oy vey, now Ive read it alldoh:
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    7. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      "I personally don't believe Morrissey is a racist, far from it in fact, and I don't believe be has fascist views. But very narrow minded people do believe this and will revel in the opportunity to insult and provoke his fans into action."

      If I wore a t shirt with his mug on it now it wouldn't be beyond my imagination that somebody would pass comment.
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    8. Anonymous
      But surely there's a huge difference between a passing "comment" and,according to the poster,shouting and abuse?
      And where on earth did the homophobe thing come from?
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    9. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Those people were the ones acting like bigots though with their intolerance towards others. So they can't dislike bigotry that much. And neither can you.
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    10. Anonymous
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    11. Anonymous
      Someone once said "what you judge you become". Look it up Skinny.
      The ultimate poet said it .

      The opposite of love isn't hate , it's indifference. It's obvious you still have a thing for Morrissey or you wouldn't be commenting all waking hours.
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    12. Anonymous
    13. Bluebirds
      The irony of the Cure encoring with a song called Killing An Arab whilst they sang along to it was probably lost on them...
      Some Cure fans may preach about being open-minded and liberal but most don't listen to much other music from other genres.
      Bit sad that wearing a Smiths t-shirt would culminate in such behaviour

      And I'm fully aware Killing An Arab isn't a racist song per se but I'm sure it would go down well at a National Front picnic. Straight after the Mozzer bit obviously.
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    14. Bluebirds
      Mind you I remember wearing a Morrissey t-shirt down my local indie club in 1992 and people used to have a go at me.
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    15. Anonymous
      It's been said many times, but it is best not to engage with WeirdUncleSkinny. The man is a hypocrite, a fool, a moron and a twat.
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    16. g23
      Because that happened. This story reeks of bullshit.
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    17. E Scott
      E Scott
      Oh the days have gone when wearing a Moz T shirt meant people persumed you were a nerdy loner or David Cameron. I think I'd get less hastle wearing my black shirt with Nazi insignia goosestepping outside my synogogue. Away from planet Morrissey solo it is weird how powerfully folk apart from us fanatics here have reacted to his ignorant bigotry. I mean its not like sadly hes the only person with these views. Majority of Europe especially the millenials have swung to.the right. I think Moz is just a repellant reminder of how biggotted many people have become.
      Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
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    18. Anonymous
      My Morrissey t-shirts have been cycled out of rotation for the time being, but I still wear Smiths ones all the time, and no-one has said a word. I find it odd that a Smiths shirt would provoke the kind of reaction the original poster described.
    19. gordyboy9
      skinny was the probably the one asking, why the fuck are you wearing a racists tshirt.
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