I always wondered why Moz did that salute pose in the 'Stop me' video...is this why?


Mr. Man

So I came across the singer named Vince Taylor the other day and was immediately struck by how his mannerisms on stage reminded me of Morrissey. So I searched him on here and King Leer was on it in 2017 with this post about his interview style being similar to Morrissey's. https://www.morrissey-solo.com/thre...poken-interview-style-on-vince-taylor.140109/

Well, I certainly agree and if you look at the last 2 seconds of the video that King Leer posted you will see Vince do what Moz does in the Stop me video where he places his hand to his forehead. I never understood why Moz did that in the video and had the Mozalikes do it too. I wonder if this was the inspiration? He DOES enjoy his small tributes to minor celebs as we all know. Just another thing I'd like to ask him should the chance ever appear. lol.
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