Hypothetical World Peace re-release

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  1. SweetnTenderYorkshireman

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    Aug 19, 2016
    Gone all quiet on the 'World Peace' reissue front, but if/when it does get re-released what would you like from it?
    The full deluxe tracklist, original album tracks or a new mix? Moz has previous history with picking and choosing to rearrange his back caralogue so i think this is likely.

    If i had to have one mine would probably be

    1: World Peace is None of Your Buisness
    2: Staircase at the University
    3: The Bullfighter Dies
    4: Kiss Me a Lot
    5: Mountjoy
    6: Istanbul
    7: Drag the River
    8: Forgive Someone
    9: One of Our Own
    10: Smiler with Knife
    11: Oboe Concerto
  2. Anonymous

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    Well the delux track list at standard would be good but maybe piss off the people who originally paid more. I thought the mix was really good so no to that. Re arranging the track list would be the best maybe from a selling standpoint to make it a unique alternative but I really thought the bsides this time around deserved to be bsides and I think would weaken the album musically. Neil Cassidy is great and I'm a fan of earth is especially the guitar parts. I personally think he should maybe add some of the live stuff at the end perhaps. Judy is a punk and the other covers in this tour perhaps like the hank Williams one. The version of speedway with the parts mixed and the part where he does the rubber ring line. Another idea would be to have him perhaps record an address to fans about the themes of the album. Having the album end and then to have his voice come on with dear listener might be interesting

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