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Hi all -

I'm new to this forum, but not to being a Morrissey fan (going on 10 years of rather obsessive Moz fandom). I joined because I have a burning desire to find out what happens to people who go up on stage during concerts, but couldn't find any recent answers via google.

For this tour I finally splurged and got front-row tickets (this has been my life's dream). I'll be at the Strathmore. I am toying with the idea of trying to give Moz a hug. I really would like to, but I'm scared of getting kicked out of the theater, and I don't have any sense of whether that fear is reasonable or not. I missed the last tour so I honestly don't know how they're doing it these days. I'm a tiny, timid person. I might chicken out and just toss a card or something on stage.

If anyone on forum has given Moz a hug recently - particularly at a concert on this tour - I'd love to hear from you!

And if anyone's going to be at the Strathmore, let me know. I'm going alone, because I have no friends in the area who love Morrissey like I do. I am nice and actually well-adjusted (for a Morrissey fan), but rather shy.
Be quick and that is only if you avoid his thuggish security.

Are those guys English who travel with him?
It's unlikely that you will get chucked out of the venue...but that really depends on security at that particular venue. What is 99% more likely is that you will attempt it, and get stopped by a combination of the venue security and Moz's security and pushed back into the crowd before you actually get all the way on stage and get a full-on hug.
Thanks everyone! The venue seems to have assigned seating, which means there will be no "crowd" really... don't know what difference that will make if any.
I envisage a book being produced.... ''My hugs with Morrissey....'' :rolleyes:
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