"How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him" by Stewart Lee - The Guardian

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By Maradona on Jul 8, 2018 at 10:43 AM
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    Stewart Lee weighs in on Moz

    How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him - The Guardian
    By Stewart Lee
    It’s hard when our idols disappoint us. But as it happened, my break from the former Smiths frontman came easily…

    Illustration by David Foldvari.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by Maradona, Jul 8, 2018.

    1. Cornflakes
      Seems like he's actually let Morrissey go. Although, apparently it is easy to get the two of them confused.
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    2. URBANUS

      He loves this sort of thing and sees it as a bit of banter which is of course in the great scheme of things. He is purring like a cat snugged up in a corner somewhere.
    3. URBANUS
      Stop me oh oh oh stop me
      stop me from listening to Morrissey again
    4. Anonymous
      Because they are both nazis?
    5. vegan.cro spirit# 417
      vegan.cro spirit# 417
      O Jesus F. Christ.doh:
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    6. URBANUS

      Not my post!
    7. Anonymous
      It's funny isn't these people who now 'resemble moz' . When in fact they don't.
      Stewart Lee is another robbie williams.. Tries to ape morrissey for years couldn't. Then gets fat and grey and now they get compared to old man moz,. Yet you get the impression they are happy about it.
      None looked a thing like the attractive pre 50s moz and none now face wise look like him. But still they take what they can get
      It's funny the only time Sammy looks like moz is here and there and that's the old moz as well.
      Few look like the young good looking moz
    8. anonymous
      so, like

      had my cup of vodka, thought a lot about all that separating artist from the art and such; and while the ability to do so very much depends on each individual’s tolerance to assholery or plain monstrosity, willingness to overlook shit and so on, i’d say some artists are just more separable from their art then others. like stravinski was kinda fashy, but who cares now? (being long dead helps too)

      but when it’s a pop star we’re talking about, often their “self” is as much of their work of art, as their lyrics/music, and they go together in a package deal. some less, some more, for sure, but like morrissey’s oeuvre fucking is himself, there’s very little that comes outside of the self, that is his fucking obsessions, personal mythology, body of texts important to him, biographical details, and so on, and he is like an inalienable part of that hypertext. (i’m not btw judging him for what the source of his art is or anything) (also that’s why his stuff sucks so much of late – by early forties anyone would exhaust the self as the sole source of art, but at that point the self is only thing he knows anyway)

      and that, i think, is why it might be difficult for some to do the whole separation thing, especially if one becomes morrissey’s fan during their teens/early twenties, when one tends to get attached to music and other shit so very emotionally, probably more so than later, and it ends up, to a degree, shaping who they are (i still listen to much of what i listened to at 14, 18, 23, and while that shit doesnt define me, it's really close), and god have mercy upon the poor fucker who’s into pop music, bc really – the relationship between the pop star and fans is made to feel so, so very personal. bc, like, he totally gets me, man.

      so when our boy is being his awful self again, i can very well understand the feeling of betrayal that some have, since their very fucking personhood was shaped by, well, this. (kids, play it safe and rather listen to that prominent in XII-XVII centuries composer, anonymous, he will never be able to hurt you)

      and yeah, he’s no monster, nor is he a fash for reals. (he doesnt understand ideology as a thing that fucking exists, and so cannot really adopt one)

      and shit like being a selfish dick and a misanthrope is not really a moral failing or anything (although his misanthropy is not really like an equal opportunity hate, sooo…). the real magnitude of the m-bomb induced shit storm is like – oh my a dumb celeb has been a giant reactionary piece of shit in public, and a useful idiot to the far-right; why, that sort of thing never happens!

      what i think might be giving to some people bigger offense (or rather sense of dread and despair) than the contents of what he says – what, you dont have that delightful relative repeating at you the dumbest hot takes from some fucking uncuckedtruth dot com, as vile as it gets - it’s just like white noise at this point; but the shocking stupidity of it all. like one has to work hard to fucking come up with the most fucking facile, unimaginative and banal shit, as he does. ok, he probably was no socrates back in the day either, but certainly was capable of subtlety, nuance, humour, some cool insights into the human condition etc.

      i guess the more optimistic of us should just stop expecting the human mind to be consistent, since we see it’s sooo fucking not. (although our darling is getting consistently terrible at everything, like the idiot have finally swallowed the savant or sth).

      i think a lot of these dumb articles (although stewart lee’s one i do like) are only partly motivated by the necessity to churn out some clickbaity content for middlebrow publications. partly, i do believe, is this legit horror and embarrassment of watching this fucking spectacle of demise, while unable to turn away.
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    9. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Funny thing is, I did mostly turn away then somebody I knew in China sent me a link on Facebook about Moz endorsing these even for the far right, extremists and back down the rabbit hole I went...
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    10. anonymous
      welp, down we all go together
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    11. Qvist
      Ouch. I love Stewart Lee, and kind of trust his instincts. I thought his ribbing of UKIP a few years back was a rare example of hugely funny political satire, relentlessly demonstrating the absurdity of what they stand for. And he's got good points. Worryingly so, because I really can't bear the thought of doing what he's done, and throw out a body of work that's meant so much to me for so long, or even the Morrissey persona (as we used to know it) that ties all of it together. So I guess I'm in the category he describes in the middle part, who sticks with the music without needing to be proud of the person who made it. Just like I read Hamsun and Pound and Celine and Sartre. But I don't think I'll be much in the market for anything new that he puts out (which has largely been crap anyway, for the past couple of albums).
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    12. Qvist
      You should watch him, rather than attempt to derive who he is from two words. He's on Netflix, if you're in the UK. Very funny.
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    13. Qvist
      Well, at least they avoid the astounding double whammy of choosing to appear in public under the name of "Fuckface", and not knowing how to spell it.
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    14. Anonymous
      He`s on the BBC Iplayer for free say no more!
    15. Aubrey McFate
      Aubrey McFate
      I watched a clip that was posted earlier on this thread. It wasn't very funny. I'm in the U.S., and one of the few exceptions to my Anglophilia is that I tend to prefer American comedy. Although, Billy Connolly and Ricky Gervais, I would say, are pretty funny. Ricky Gervais: not a dad. His most recent stand-up special has an amusing bit about adoption.
    16. Qvist
      Yes, I also like Gervais. Have you tried Dylan Moran? Anyway, if you're inclined to give Lee another chance, this is a great clip. The surreal ending especially.

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    17. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      So brilliant, wow :D
      Fuck Huegonots :cool:
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    18. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      I think Ricky Gervais' strength is in sitcoms plus giving us An Idiot Abroad which is superb, I don't think he's great as an out and out comedian. I think Stewart Lee benefits from watching a full show rather than a clip, none of his stuff would work without it. I think Americans, Canadians and Australians have generally done a stand up comedy show better than us but Stewart Lee has his place, nobody is like him.
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    19. g23
      His comedy is better than his music, that's for sure.
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    20. E Scott
      E Scott
      I love Colin Hoult's character of Anna Mann. He is able to satirise left wing so brilliantly.

      I've seen him live a few times.
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