"How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him" by Stewart Lee - The Guardian

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By Maradona on Jul 8, 2018 at 10:43 AM
  1. Maradona

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    Apr 27, 2006
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    Stewart Lee weighs in on Moz

    How to treat Morrissey? Stop listening to him - The Guardian
    By Stewart Lee
    It’s hard when our idols disappoint us. But as it happened, my break from the former Smiths frontman came easily…

    Illustration by David Foldvari.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by Maradona, Jul 8, 2018.

    1. Aubrey McFate
      Aubrey McFate
      In lieu of his cancelled tour, Morrissey should stage a rooftop concert, on a building across from the Guardian offices. And he should sing "All You Need Is Me."
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    2. evennow
      Something like:

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    3. Anonymous
      Exactly like that, except shit.
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    4. Anonymous
      the famous "your loss jew boy" fax ? that has hilarious.

      Uncle Skinny, you take life so seriously. I wouldn't take anything he says seriously. Except when it comes to animals. He fibs quite a bit.
      You take him or leave him.
    5. firstodie
      Your love of the Beatles and The British always makes me smile I love it when other nationalities like this place.... it helps me like it too!
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    6. evennow
      Glad to be of service. America may have invented rhythm and blues, and rock and roll, but the British took it to the next level. The Beatles were the perfect combination of both. Sure their early stuff was quite simplistic, but inventive none-the-less. Music doesn't have to be complicated to be good it just has to speak to you.

      And speaking of speaking, a nice gal with a strong British accent goes a long way in my book of revelations. :brows:
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    7. Anonymous
      It strikes me as odd that people are so keen on denouncing morrissey. I'm sure he's well aware that his opinions will not be popular with globalists, socialists, antifa and so on. As ever, the man is not afraid to be true to himself. If anyone truely believes he's racist then you've been brain washed by people with a very different agenda to the one they exclaim. I don't doubt that morrissey would rather die than be bullied into conformity by these poseurs
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    8. Anonymous
      To compare MorriSSey to the Beatles, had to dare!
      Why not compare Benny Hill to Monty Python while you're there ....
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    9. DreamingofStew
      Quote from the article: "This isn’t the time for ambiguity, or irony, or publicity-seeking controversy. Those days are gone, and I miss them, as I am part of a generation that profiteered from the assumption that political correctness was a done deal, and now we could have fun jumping in and out of its boundaries, like street kids round a spurting water main."

      This seems to me highly disingenuous. Since when has Lee enjoyed jumping in and out of boundaries?

      For instance, here he is pretending that there is simply nothing in Islam to satirise, like the craven hypocrite that he is:

      I suppose we should at least be grateful that he admits he's a hypocrite:

      "I’ve got vintage psychedelic vinyl by actual murderers, and books of poetry by antisemites and paedophiles, who are hard to write out of literary history. And the increasingly reactionary comments made by Mark E Smith in his latter years will not tempt me to part with even the most unnecessary Fall compilation. But somehow, illogically and sentimentally, I held Morrissey to different standards."

      Right, so being an actual murderer is not as bad as having a different political viewpoint to you?
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    10. Life_Is_A_Pigsty
      I do like Stewart Lee, it's such a shame his article is a ridiculous read.

      So Morrissey cannot have a different opinion to him, whereas MES was fine to have not been a big fan of mass immigration.

      I imagine Stewart Lee has kept his Gary Glitter records as old Gary hasn't criticised Islam.
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    11. Mozza220559
      I wonder if Morrissey is feeling a bit crumpled after this article?
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    12. Cornflakes
      There's not really much to compare between the two, though. I'm not even sure that "not a big fan of mass migration" is actually accurate. MES always had a mouth liable to operate two steps ahead of his brain and, unless there's something else I'm unaware of, the criticism he has received for his views on immigration stem from a TV interview in which he asked the question why, according to his observation, Syrian refugees were disproportionately men. I can understand why a lot of people were disappointed by this, because it's naïve and not very charitable. And I'm not saying it was OK. But it's also not racist, and it's not him up on his hobby-horse. It's just a question. On the other hand, Morrissey supports the far right.
    13. evennow
      Um...not a musical comparison, rather a nod to the rooftop concert mentioned in the post I was responding to. Funny you mention BH and MP. I used to watch both programs on our public broadcasting channel. Never thought to compare the two. I liked them both without feeling the need to measure them against each other.
    14. vegan.cro spirit# 895
      vegan.cro spirit# 895

      "a nice gal with a strong British accent goes a long way in my book of revelations"?doh:
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    15. ordinaryboy86
      Rather be a crumpled Morrissey than a squashed Albert Finney
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    16. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Not very charitable?............but really fucking accurate and true.
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    17. ordinaryboy86
      It’s a shame most of you have never heard of Stewart Lee, and it’s a shame those who have, don’t get him. The man’s a comedic genius!
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    18. Aubrey McFate
      Aubrey McFate
      He may very well be. But this piece he wrote for the Guardian is lame. I hadn't seen a shred of his comedy until someone posted a YouTube video above. I'm sure it's only a miniscule sampling and not representative of the whole, but he didn't seem to be "killing" exactly.
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    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Has anyone actually seen this supposed ‘famous fax’ ?

      As famous as Bigfoot.
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    20. Anonymous
      Blimey, Stewart Lee has let himself go!!!

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