'How Soon is Now' new cover version in The Crown trailer?

Just noticed what seems to be a cover of 'How Soon is Now' playing in the new trailer for The Crown. Not a fan of the cliched 'Indie Waif Voice' style myself, but anyone know who this is? Is it new?
It's 'AG Ft. Dresage'.


'AG' is also credited with producing a REM cover used on Grey's...


Jeez. This is an absolute pet hate. There is a surfeit of slowed-down 80's classics on adverts at the moment, all with wispy elfinesque vocals. Just f***ing stop it. It's shit.
too right, I saw a cover like those of an oasis song think it was don't look back in anger but i barely remember what I can say is that it was atrocious and butchered a fantastic song.


Holy f*** you losers are complaining on a Morrissey forum... to say you need to gain a hobby or any interests that could help bring some meaning to your miserable lives.. seems far gone by this point.

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