'How Soon is Now' new cover version in The Crown trailer?

Just noticed what seems to be a cover of 'How Soon is Now' playing in the new trailer for The Crown. Not a fan of the cliched 'Indie Waif Voice' style myself, but anyone know who this is? Is it new?
It's 'AG Ft. Dresage'.


'AG' is also credited with producing a REM cover used on Grey's Anatomy.


Reverse Ferret
From memory, that TFF, Mad World cover version from early 2000s seemed to start this crap off with slowing down songs to absolute dirge. Whoever that was has a lot to answer for...

And I think it was Donnie Darko that led to all those slow songs being used to represent the sad inner lives of rich people.



My god I hate that style of singing. It's a tried and true cover version method used by the entertainment industry that employs the whispery tones, ignoring the melody of the original song to the point where there is basically one or two recognised notes and the quintessential solo piano key touch. Do they get the same girl to do all of them?

Just drain the original song of all life and slow it down to a crawl. At least with WW84 they went with a cover of Blue Monday that sounds exactly the same, almost.
This. Me too.


Is there some kind of training school where they are teaching people to sing this way? It seems to be all over the place, with so many people sounding the same.
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