How soon is now metal pressing disc?

I was in a local (salford) small record store today and after expressing my interest in all things smiths mozz the owner showed me a metal disc used to press how soon is now. It looked very very genuine to me. I assume these discs were used to press the vinyl itself in factories?

Now this guy told me he had offered it for sale before yet nobody was interested? The bloke was 100% genuine and told me a very long story as to how he came to own it. He wasnt trying to sell it to me and let me hold it and have a good look.

Now I would like to know more about these metal test pressing things???

So do these stampers ever appear for sale then? How common are they??

And the shop may be just a few hundred yards outside salford :)
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I remember Morrisseymadness had one for sale for ages and trying it on ebay from time to time for 900 pounds. I dont know if its still on the site. I can see its appeal but this sort of thing doesnt realy float my boat.

Beau he only had one which was HSIN and he had it priced up at £999 which is a hell of a lot of money! Although I didnt try and ask about the price so he may be open to offers? How many of these stamps are produced for each record?


Unfortunately the one on EIL is just one, so it's missing the other side.
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