How Sad Are You?

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I was going through some of my Moz magazines today and found this old funny questionnaire. It is from Select Magazine, May 1994. A tape was included with this issue - Secret Tracks 2. I never listened to it. In fact, I think I gave it away!

The article can probably be found online. If you can't find it, I do have images of it, though they aren't the best. I'm sure somebody else can do a much better job of uploading the interview!

Anyway, thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy...


(I used to be jolly sad but, apparently, I'm just a tiny bit sad now...)

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Me?On a scale from 0 to 10 (0 no sad and 10 want to die).I am 0.I am surprise about the reason i am so happy in these past years.Maybe not in future,who knows.But now i want to dance.

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40 per cent papier mache
The guy in the middle of that picture above looks really familiar to me. I wonder if he’s still around or still a fan.

Oh much for nostalgia.
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