How many Morrissey/Smiths songs are on your computer?


moz 502

smiths 276

i deleted some. so i lose fan points.

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Morrissey- 547
The Smiths- 261

grand total of 808 if my maths serves me as it should.


Morrissey - 740
Smiths - 276

To put it into perspective

Dave Matthews Band - 1,453 (I have everything - and Dave releases lots of live stuff)
U2 - 1,213 (Long Career - Lots of music - also I band I have most everything of)
Trey Anastasio / Phish - 832
The Beatles - 728


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276? Hang on ...they only released 4 LPs,

...oh and one or two compilations...


276? Hang on ...they only released 4 LPs,

...oh and one or two compilations...

I have a lot of high quality "unauthorized releases" as well as all the variations from singles and other promos on MP3. I also have things like "Sound of the Smiths" which was supposedly remixed.

There is some repetition.

The Dave Matthews Collection is pretty cool because if it has been released either publicly or through promos I have it. That is the band that I can say I have most everything that has ever been offered.


Well what do you expect??
198 for Morrissey, and 87 for The Smiths. Very very small compared to you other guys... I'm sort of embarrassed! I had something like 400 total at one point, with all of my bootlegs and alternate versions hanging around, though that's still tiny to some of you! After a computer crash I couldn't bear to get my hands back on everything. Not after all the effort I spent into painstakingly looking over all those live versions! (and I'd have so many more if I have the time! But having so many versions drives people like me insane... I NEED to have all the lyrics copied down! All the little changes! All the between-song banter... every minor difference in the instrumental work! Must be cataloged! It could drive a person insane! A computer crash was a blessing in disguise!) Though I suppose someday I might get right back on it. It was a somewhat fun distraction from daily life!

Right now the only bootleg I have in my library is a single performance of Barbarism Begins At Home...

And now (to throw it into comparison like Buzzetta before me!) those 285 songs total make up a whopping 74.6% of my music library. I do believe Talking Heads are my #2, but even then they only have about 20 songs under their name. What can I say...? I stick to what I really like :lbf:
Morrissey - 580
The Smiths - 240

for perspective,
The Pixies - 177
The Stranglers - 163
Modest Mouse - 162

My top 5 artists, as per quantity.
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The perspective thing is fun. . . let me see

Morrissey - 324
Napalm Death - 235
R.E.M. - 228
The Smiths - 194
Nasum - 191
James 188
Cannibal Corpse - 163

I count bootlegs, but when I last cleaned up my mp3 collection I ended up putting a bunch of low-to-decent quality shows on CDs. Maybe Moz/Smiths would have had a few hundred more otherwise. The Napalm Death and Nasum listings are funny because a lot of their songs are under a minute long. I should have included The Meat Sh*ts as they tend to have 1000 "songs" on some of their albums



the Smiths are in my My Morrissey folder, so not sure, but I probably have 10 times as much Morrissey as Smiths.

Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
The Smiths - 235
Morrissey - 201
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