How many games will the California sons win this year?

How many games will the California Sons win in the 2020 season?

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I reckon it's official, all Moz Angeles city rec. leagues will not play this year, but The California Sons have been invited to play in a Hollywood celebrity basketball league. The thing is, it's all ages, not over 50, but that means the California Son and the California Son Junior will be able to play on the same team! The season is being dedicated to the California Mom since basketball was her favorite sport. It will be a short season of 30 games.

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I saw Morrissey shooting around with Kawhi Leonard at Mamba in Thousand Oaks today. Do you know if they are playing the celebrity league at Staples Center with no fans? I heard the California Sons were stacked. I say they go undefeated. My dad played with Morrissey, (back then Steve) on the 1977 Hollywood High team where Morrissey was the leading scorer and they won the city championship. He was a baller!
No they couldn't get a gym because of the subspecies chinese virus. I have seen the California Son Junior a lot around Malibu on the outside courts. I heard the California Son has been down at Mamba, but with John Stockton working on his jumper. Flea's team has Anthony Keadis and Snoop Dog's team has Cube.
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