How hopeful are we of getting Bonfire this year?


More music please

First time poster here and I am simply gauging peoples’ confidence that Bonfire - a finished product as far we know - will release at some point this year. A physical release would be ideal, but I would also be happy with a digital version if that was the only option. Whatever happens, I just hope that Morrissey’s new creative streak continues and that he can keep releasing music to the audience that wants it.

World Peace; High School; Dog - all works that we disagree on, but are surely better off for having heard and digested. At one point, it appeared h likely that we would receive more music from Morrissey and now things appear more promising. I’m just wondering how excited we should all be for the coming months and even years

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
As of now, there are very few reasons to believe BOT is getting released this year. As long as he’s without a record deal and/or until he changes his mind regarding self-releasing, the future seems bleak.


I actually feel confident we’ll see the album. I don’t know about this year or not but I’d say either this fall/winter or early next year. I doubt he’d announce without some sort of idea in place for release. I had doubt lihs was real but then there it was and that was three albums ago


Game Of Death.
this year is on the downwards now so there is no chance of a release this year,i am veronica will be played in vegas and will be universally recieved except for the usual suspects on here.


I don’t think they’d put all this out there if there was no plan to get it out. Not saying it can’t fall through but I don’t see the benefit of announcing it and putting out a track listing for no reason


New Membrane

How hopeful are we of getting Bonfire this year?​

I can’t speak for others, but I’m very.
very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very hopeful of getting Bonfire this year.


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FFS of course its coming out very soon.(y)
peeps ignore the docile skinny 'first time fake username' mcmuffin guzzling trolls.:hammer:
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