How has coming here changed you?


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Like it or not, we are influenced by our environment. How has coming here changed you? Or do you think you are unchangeable? Better yet, how have you influenced others here?
To this site, you mean? It hasn't actually changed me as a person, but most people are at least slightly different in this kind of online environment than they are in 'real life'. For example, in everyday life I am extremely shy and awkward ("stand-offish" and "scary" have also been thrown around in a lazy fashion in the past :rolleyes:), and get irritated and stroppy much more easily, but simply the medium of communication and the ability to just log off if someone annoys me have an impact on my online 'persona'.

I think for a lot of people (not just in relation to the internet, but in all sorts of situations), the case really is that "how I feel in my mind and how I am in the world- they are oceans apart". Although internet forums like this are a microcosm of the Morrissey fan community in 'real life', the type of communication is different in that some people externalise and display their feelings and opinions more openly by interacting through the written word. I certainly feel this way- using myself as an example, without getting too deep about what is really "just the internet", the GwtT of this site and the Charlotte of everyday life are essentially the same person, just in slightly different modes.

Probably didn't exactly answer your question, but it was close enough to it anyway I hope. And apologies for the abundance of quotation marks/probably unintelligible rambling. I am actually very interested to read others' responses to this. Nice thread, Mmmm. :thumb:
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It's made me jumpy at shows.
It's made me enjoy arguments...immensely.
It change me for better, for worse. I no know. Give it one more five minutes.

Give it three more posts and you'll have reached a posting milestone. :straightface:
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