How does morrissey like his tea?


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Quite random, but I need to know

The one interview I saw of him offering tea to his guest (Victoria Wood) showed him pouring a barely-steeped tea. I saw him take neither milk nor sugar...or lemon, come to think of it. I may be mis-remembering.
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black, no sugar for me.where would we be without a cuppa,probably down the boozer getting pissed,I CAN HAVE BOTH.


Quite random, but I need to know

Made and served by Diesel sporting only a tweed coat with leather elbows and a pair of Stella McCartload 4" stiletto plastic heels on his feet whilst strutting like a true strutter singing " Yo Stevey I'm worth it ". :kiss:


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He likes Ceylon, which is quite a weak tea, that barely skims the water. Very weak, no milk, sugar, honey or lemon.

The Victoria Wood documentary was lovely. The Morrissey clip is well worth a watch.


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Crykey, me reckon can't believe I just wasted 3:05 of me life. Why do Brit Tish women look just like women from Arkansas? Reckon me saw lil' Sammy skating down Sunset once with that cap on. Notice how how the first thing Uncle Steve thought about was skateboarding.


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JED: Do you drink tea?
MORRISSEY: Oh yes, I do.

J: Do you ever get sick of drinking tea?
M: I absolutely never get sick of drinking tea. It's a psychological thing really, it's just very composing and makes me relax.

J: It's just so much a part of your culture!
M: Oh yes, yes. I'm very avid, I have to have at least four pots a day.

J: For those of us who don't know how to make a pot of tea, what do you do?
M: Well, you really have to put the milk in first, which many people don't.

J: Put the milk in with the water, before you boil the water?
M: No, you're confused already (laughs). No, you put the milk in before you pour the water in, or the tea, whichever...

J: Well, I would do that without even thinking about it.
M: Right, and also you have to use real milk, you can't use the UHT fake stuff. You have to use proper milk.

J: OK, so what about the actual brewing of the tea?
M: The brewing of the tea — it's very important that you heat the pot before you put the water in — if you use a pot, I know most people who just throw a teabag into a cup. But in England of course, you have to make a pot of tea. And you have to heat the pot first with hot water, and then put the teabags in. I can't believe I'm saying this. And then put the hot water in and then just throw it all over yourself. Rush to outpatients and write a really good song (laughs).

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four pots a day?! you should be wary about drinking that much tea or that much anything with caffeine, mozzer! caffeine leaches iron from your system, and makes it hard for your body to absorb non-heme iron sources! that's why you're so tired all the time, lovebug!
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