How Come Morrissey Has Never Had A Girl In The Band?


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Been thinking for a while why Morrissey has never had a woman in his band, I mean groups like The Fall have had a good few women in there Like Brix Smith, and Elena, Pixes have Kim Deal and so on, so I wonder why Moz has never had a female in, it seems something he would have done, given he is very liberal and doesn't really swing anyway when it comes to gender.

Please don't make any daft incinuations about him being gay or whatever, it's boring, Proper discussion please.

Force of habit? I think Moz enjoys the gang mentality of having "the lads" around him for support, drinking buddies and whatever else. Having a woman in would change the dynamics a little bit and he's not really a man that likes change. I would love to see some material with a female co-writer though, that would be really intriguing!
Yeah I've thought that, it's like when he has the lads round, he's got his pack then, I like the dynamic but having a woman on drums or whatever would really change the whole feel of the band, I reckon it'd be really interesting, I just don't think he'd ever give it a chance to be honest. Because it's never happened before I don't know where a woman would fit into the band, I really reckon though it could be something good though.
No just middle aged white men. Maybe he wants people who physically have the same attributes as him to further back up the ideas and message he conveys.
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There doesn't seem to be a lot of female musicians in the kind of music I like. I think it would be interesting if he had a female musician. All my favorite bands are all male.:squiffy:
Yeah, I'd go with the 'the lads' opinion.

And I like a few bands with female members, probably quite a lot!
Only one "diva" allowed?
Kristeen Young appeared on stage with him when he did That's How People Grow Up on TV here in the US (Letterman, I think)
The opportunity has probably never come up or presented itself...
If he naturally found a female musician for whatever reasons, that was good enough for his standards, I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to employ her (given the right circumstances i.e he was looking for a new band member)
For him to go out and look for a female band member, just for the fact she is female seems a bit contrived
Yeah, if it happens it would just happen naturally and I agree he wouldn't just go out and find a girl member just to be trendy.
I don't think Moz would want a girl in the band as it would create a bit of a stir. I think he likes his backing to be a bit more anonymous- hence when he dresses them the same.
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