Houston White Oak show - now postponed until October 28, 2019

Discussion in 'Tour' started by ForgivemeJESUS, Sep 21, 2019.

By ForgivemeJESUS on Sep 21, 2019 at 10:42 PM
  1. ForgivemeJESUS

    ForgivemeJESUS There always a few that ruin it for all,dont be 1

    Jun 12, 2016
    Chemical wasteland, unfortunately
    Show has been postponed till oct 28th no reason given yet. Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh

    From White Oak FB (see full FAQ posted by Famous when dead in comments):

    "Well this really sucks. We've been working through the weather to make this show happen & just learned Morrissey and Interpol will not be playing tonight. Here’s the deal — the entire show is postponed until October 28th. Your ticket for tonight will be valid for the rescheduled date.

    We know there’s a lot of questions here, so we hope this answers them:

    Q. Wait...What’s going on?
    A. From Moz --

    "Due to complications from the extreme flood conditions in the Houston area, the Morrissey / Interpol concert set to take place tonight has been re-scheduled for Oct 28th.
    It was determined to move the event in consideration and respect of the troubles that people in the area have recently encountered.
    It is the group’s wishes that the rescheduled date can better serve all who would like to come to the event.
    Morrissey’s team reached the decision after hearing that a number of ticket buyers were having issues attending tonight’s event, along with information of current road closures and other related problematic details.
    The team would like to express their deepest apologies for any inconvenience to the fans.

    Link to tweet posted by NealCassidy:


    UPDATE Sep. 22:

    Link posted by countthree:

    Houston. - Morrissey Central

    Due to complications from the extreme flood conditions in the Houston area, the Morrissey / Interpol concert due to take place tonight has been re-scheduled for October 28th. It was determined to move the event in consideration of the troubles people in the area have encountered this week. It is the group's wishes that the rescheduled date can better serve all who would like to come to the event. Morrissey's team reached the decision after hearing that a number of ticket buyers were having issues attending tonight's event, along with information of road closures and other related problematic details. All tickets originally purchased for September 21st will be honored on October 28th.
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by ForgivemeJESUS, Sep 21, 2019.

    1. Mozmar
      I'll pass it on...question is though, how much difference would that have really made? He'd already issued an explanatory & sensitive statement.
    2. ForgivemeJESUS
      Sure........I guess so ....too shey
    3. Peppermint
      I am also looking at it objectively, based on a long track record of dubious cancellations, although I agree neither of us know the details for sure. You do realise a troll isn't just someone who says something you don't like, don't you?
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    4. Mozmar
      I can resolve yr final point but I'm prepared also to give Moz the benefit of the doubt wrt this situation...

      ...it takes guts to be gentle & kind.
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    5. Mayfly
      Following your reasoning, we can also wonder if they could drive the trucks in less than 48 hours from Saskatoon (Oct. 24) to LA (Oct. 26)? That s even a longer drive. My guess is that they will cancel Saskatoon, but lets wait and see.
    6. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555

      you ve been trolling for many years WTF?:lbf:
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    7. The tormentor
      The tormentor
      What a shite site this ... Filled with fuckwits ... And many who lie .... Floods and advise stopped concert ... Thats all .. haters got to hate etc
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    8. Anonymous
      Probably was just on the fence and hopeful and no people don’t face mass flooding mass fires mass theft etc on a daily basis and no you don’t know who would’ve shown up and who wouldn’t have so please save the false facts and guarantees. A person traveling some far distance is more likely the exception and so a decision was made to guess what decision would allow the most people to see the show. Sorry it messed up your plans but a lot of people there have other things to worry about and it’s nice that most will still be able to go and have fun. Many don’t have the money to just travel on to the next show
    9. Anonymous
      There's no "I" in team,so why would he?
      I had tickets for 299 of those and I'm not bitter.
    10. Carlislebaz
      I think you’ve just about nailed that one. A very rounded panorama
    11. vegan cro spirit 222
      vegan cro spirit 222

      WTF? Peppermints has been Skinny trolling here for years FFS!
      Speaking of welfare vouchers, she acts like she dont know the front door.:lbf:
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    12. ForgivemeJESUS
      Ok the storm was mainly on the east side of Houston....fact
      We have eye witness from people that came from new orleans I'll say it again New orleans which is on the east side...fact
      We had eyewitness people at the show from all over Houston who admitted all road water had receded....fact
      Then there is me who also drove from the east side of texas who didnt catch any water over roads....fact
      How much more facts do you need bc I can keep going. And another fact
      Storm was thursday ,so he was aware of it at least by Friday ....fact
      I'm done again....was only mad because of short notice when he had plenty of news and resources to make the call earlier....I'm not a hater Morrissey will always be my favorite. And it's time to move on ......
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    13. Anonymous
      I don't think assholes like UncleSkinny realize that. That's he's marked so many posts as Troll in this thread unless they supported his anti-Morrissey agenda.
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    14. Anonymous
      I think everyone who has tickets should just get a refund, A Saturday replaced by a Monday night. Those of us in Houston know the conditions were fine and this was a bullocks of an excuse. Let him play to an empty audience on that Monday night. Everyone return their tickets, I already returned mind. He did the same thing last time he was in Houston, and then changed the date and at the last minute the venue.
      Enough with Morrissey, its time for the Smith's reunion tour. That is the only thing I would pay for at this point.
    15. Anonymous
      The venue was changed at the last minute last time because once again there were severe rains and the White Oak lawn was a mess. Of course that show was canceled two times before for various reasons. I think one was when his mom was sick and a second was when something happened to the drummer I don't remember anymore
    16. Kenmare
      Understand the frustration but bottom line, there's a rescheduled date. Some of us never got a makeup date from the 2017 tour, and I'd have much preferred a reschedule to the nothing we got. The reality is, unless all the Houston newspapers are wrong, quite a few people just got back into their homes on Friday. So, stretch and wait and all that.
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    17. SuedeMoz
      I get that there's frustration and disappointment - but if you want the makeup show to happen - don't refund your ticket. Everyone refunding will only force a cancellation of the makeup show. Obviously, despite best intentions, he's not going to travel all the way back to Houston to play to an empty house.
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    18. Anonymous
      I've known since I was a kid that USA is a swamp which is my reason for never going there. All these brits flying over there is fascinating and they must look like fish out of water looking for a football ground where they play real football and people to beat up arms out stretched singing abusive songs and wrecking the pubs with the american cops crying into their donuts.
      I reckon Easyjet and Ryanair fly these sheep on the cheap over and they act all american and live out their childhood movie fantasies going "far out dude muh USA".
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    19. Anonymous
      Gutted english Moz fan in Texas:

    20. Anonymous
      Make up show isn’t economically feasible unless other shows get added in the region. New Orleans, Wichita, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, El Paso, Kansas City, Albuquerque

      Not sure what his guarantee is for Houston but for comparable shows a few years ago it was about 65-75k (before taxes).

      At least two tour buses
      At least one eighteen wheeler (probably two)

      Each of these gets on average five miles a gallon

      Hollywood Bowl to White Oak is 1554 miles.

      That’s 711 dollars per truck for the trip.

      There’s hotel rooms for the crew and band, his bodyguard, chef (toured with one years ago not sure anymore), manager fees, bus/truck drivers (who can only drive a certain amount each day)

      If it’s a one off the band might fly which is more expensive. The production has to get back to base as well.

      Just saying I wouldn’t count of Houston being made up.
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