Houston White Oak show - now postponed until October 28, 2019

Discussion in 'Tour' started by ForgivemeJESUS, Sep 21, 2019.

By ForgivemeJESUS on Sep 21, 2019 at 10:42 PM
  1. ForgivemeJESUS

    ForgivemeJESUS There always a few that ruin it for all,dont be 1

    Jun 12, 2016
    Chemical wasteland, unfortunately
    Show has been postponed till oct 28th no reason given yet. Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh

    From White Oak FB (see full FAQ posted by Famous when dead in comments):

    "Well this really sucks. We've been working through the weather to make this show happen & just learned Morrissey and Interpol will not be playing tonight. Here’s the deal — the entire show is postponed until October 28th. Your ticket for tonight will be valid for the rescheduled date.

    We know there’s a lot of questions here, so we hope this answers them:

    Q. Wait...What’s going on?
    A. From Moz --

    "Due to complications from the extreme flood conditions in the Houston area, the Morrissey / Interpol concert set to take place tonight has been re-scheduled for Oct 28th.
    It was determined to move the event in consideration and respect of the troubles that people in the area have recently encountered.
    It is the group’s wishes that the rescheduled date can better serve all who would like to come to the event.
    Morrissey’s team reached the decision after hearing that a number of ticket buyers were having issues attending tonight’s event, along with information of current road closures and other related problematic details.
    The team would like to express their deepest apologies for any inconvenience to the fans.

    Link to tweet posted by NealCassidy:


    UPDATE Sep. 22:

    Link posted by countthree:

    Houston. - Morrissey Central

    Due to complications from the extreme flood conditions in the Houston area, the Morrissey / Interpol concert due to take place tonight has been re-scheduled for October 28th. It was determined to move the event in consideration of the troubles people in the area have encountered this week. It is the group's wishes that the rescheduled date can better serve all who would like to come to the event. Morrissey's team reached the decision after hearing that a number of ticket buyers were having issues attending tonight's event, along with information of road closures and other related problematic details. All tickets originally purchased for September 21st will be honored on October 28th.
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by ForgivemeJESUS, Sep 21, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Look you bunch of clowns; the show is clearly NOT going ahead, it's been POSTPONED, it hasn't been CANCELLED. Whingeing & moaning on here is not going to change things one iota.

      There will be some totally valid reasons for the postponement, if any of you snowflakes are able to apply brain before mouth/keyboard you would come to the same realisation.

      Yes it's a complete pisser, & I'm sorry on behalf of all of you, but FFS there must be good reason.

      Now STFU moaning.
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    2. Anonymous
      On some but not everywhere and people are coming from all over and have other issues related to the storms that aren’t connected to roads
    3. Anonymous
      he turned up to the venue and soon afterwards left again because meat smell was in the air. There was no flooding and the crew had all the equipment set up and ready to go! Once again the fans been treated badly.
    4. ForgivemeJESUS
      Hell you could say that about all shows.....couldn't you
    5. Anonymous
      ...so what if the show had gone ahead, & only half or less of the planned attendees were able to make it, and the rest couldn't? there'd still be a whole bunch of pissed off ppl, so Moz wouldn't win in that case either as ppl would still be on here venting their rage.

      The ones who couldn't attend would most likely not get refunded, whereas the ones who did attend maybe had a great show. ..so there'd still be still pissed off ppl (the ones who couldn't get there).

      Best decision (although not popular, clearly) is to postpone, so at least everyone who can make the new date will have their tickets honoured.

      It won't have been an easy decision, nor one taken lightly given the logistics of ppl getting there (or not as the case may be), which some of you are not taking into account.

      Get a grip & stop being self-centred for once.
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      Is that you SER ?
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    7. evennow
      Heave on past Houston
      Do you think we've made
      The right decision this time

      And exchanging a Saturday night for a Monday night is hardly a fair exchange to those who have flown in or are employed during regular business hours.
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    8. Anonymous
      I initially thought it was the venue cancelling because the field was not ready. White Oak does wait until the very last second to postpone or cancel shows due to weather. Earlier this year MGMT was set to play and the news was harping about major storms and severe flooding and they finally cancelled after doors opened. I would not be surprised if the field was not up to par, that they were hoping that it would dry enough for the show Saturday night. I know I was getting some sprinkling around 4:30 when I was driving to the venue. Maybe then they decided let's go ahead and just postpone it? Or maybe Morrissey just didn't feel like playing. But I would like to think the venue wasn't ready.
    9. Uncleskinny
      You already said that. You know that IP hashes identify you, right? Get the wallet out for the refunds. Unless of course, as you seem to be intimating, that you know the real reason for the cancellation, in which case, why not tell all those due to attend the show? Is it because you'd be exposing the lie? I mean, it's not like this kind of thing has happened before, is it?
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    10. countthree
      Sometimes looking at things from a different perspective help us to give them the relative importance they have. People who suffered the consequences of these floods must be wishing their only problem was a cancelled show. That's the meaning I gave to the words "consideration and respect of the troubles that people in the area have recently encountered".
      For the victims of this kind of events it's very hard to understand how people in the area can go on with their lives and public celebrations as if nothing would have happened. Believe me because I know what floods mean in terms of loss and pain. I think they took the right decision.
      Now kill me.
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    11. ForgivemeJESUS
      You are so right......personally I'm grateful bc I could of easily been one of the flood victim but I was lucky....I'm moving on now to the show in Colorado ......nice perspective
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    12. Anonymous
      Does no one at the venue have a picture of him yesterday? I know they are itching to post some dirt. Again, take it from someone with a friend at White Oak, they were ready and they are not pleased with him.
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    13. oranjpekoe
      Wow Jerry Rivera is touring?!
    14. Anonymous
      If this was so, why wait until people were waiting in line to get into the show to cancel? Why wait until an hour and a half before showtime? That's very disrespectful of people's time and efforts.
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    15. Anonymous
      We drove 4 hrs from Louisiana on I-10. We went through the hardest hit areas around Beaumont. There were two interstate closures but we used Waze to detour and it wasn’t bad. I saw very, very little water around Houston itself. Traffic seemed normal.

      We got to WOMH at 4:30 and parked on the street less than 100’ from the building. At 4:38 I received the email that the show was cancelled. We were in shock.

      Why didn’t they cancel earlier? The whole affair seems sketchy as [email protected] Didn’t it happen exactly like this a few years ago when the mtour company had to suspend the tour bec it was out of money? If I’m not mistaken he cancelled just before the WO show and re-scheduled it for a venue in Sugar Land.
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    16. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333


      Old Barnaby decided to come out of skinny troll retirement for one last pull of the :racehorse:
      tail with this very hysterical and dramatic pronouncement :drama:

      Only peeps who 'flew' on vacation to Houston for the gig are the Skinny pseudonyms:lbf:
      and they never have had the funds to pay for a plane ticket FFS:lbf:
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    17. Anonymous
      Why would any fan be surprised?

      As ever, Morrissey claims one thing, the venue, and fans close to the venue, claim another.

      Morrissey treats his fans like shite and still some return for more ...
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    18. countthree
      I have no idea and I don't know how the business works. It seems they should have cacelled at least 24 hs before the event to avoid most people from outside the area begin the travel to the place. But I think they considered that most part of the tickets were bought by local people and they noticed with little time in advance that most of them couldn't attend because they were affected in one or other way by the flood. If you are not acquainted with the problems of floods you don't know beforehand the unseen consequences they leave in the affected areas until you have to face them. That's why they say the worst comes when the water leaves. Maybe some people in the area were not personally affected but they had to host or help family, friends or people of their communities. I don't think the bands were happy because they had to cancel the show, it seems they took what they considered the best posible decision between two bad outcomes.
    19. countthree
      Skinny, if your heart were as quick to give love and compassion as you are with your fingertips in the keyboard...
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    20. dotmatrix522
      My wife and I had been in line for a while yesterday when the staff told us it was off.
      I hope all is ok with Moz and company. Am I disappointed? Yes, especially as I can’t make the new date on account of work, but I’ll be just fine.
      It’s only a three hour drive for us. I do feel for those fans who flew (or drove) in from far away.
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