Houston White Oak show - now postponed until October 28, 2019

Discussion in 'Tour' started by ForgivemeJESUS, Sep 21, 2019.

By ForgivemeJESUS on Sep 21, 2019 at 10:42 PM
  1. ForgivemeJESUS

    ForgivemeJESUS There always a few that ruin it for all,dont be 1

    Jun 12, 2016
    Chemical wasteland, unfortunately
    Show has been postponed till oct 28th no reason given yet. Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh

    From White Oak FB (see full FAQ posted by Famous when dead in comments):

    "Well this really sucks. We've been working through the weather to make this show happen & just learned Morrissey and Interpol will not be playing tonight. Here’s the deal — the entire show is postponed until October 28th. Your ticket for tonight will be valid for the rescheduled date.

    We know there’s a lot of questions here, so we hope this answers them:

    Q. Wait...What’s going on?
    A. From Moz --

    "Due to complications from the extreme flood conditions in the Houston area, the Morrissey / Interpol concert set to take place tonight has been re-scheduled for Oct 28th.
    It was determined to move the event in consideration and respect of the troubles that people in the area have recently encountered.
    It is the group’s wishes that the rescheduled date can better serve all who would like to come to the event.
    Morrissey’s team reached the decision after hearing that a number of ticket buyers were having issues attending tonight’s event, along with information of current road closures and other related problematic details.
    The team would like to express their deepest apologies for any inconvenience to the fans.

    Link to tweet posted by NealCassidy:


    UPDATE Sep. 22:

    Link posted by countthree:

    Houston. - Morrissey Central

    Due to complications from the extreme flood conditions in the Houston area, the Morrissey / Interpol concert due to take place tonight has been re-scheduled for October 28th. It was determined to move the event in consideration of the troubles people in the area have encountered this week. It is the group's wishes that the rescheduled date can better serve all who would like to come to the event. Morrissey's team reached the decision after hearing that a number of ticket buyers were having issues attending tonight's event, along with information of road closures and other related problematic details. All tickets originally purchased for September 21st will be honored on October 28th.
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by ForgivemeJESUS, Sep 21, 2019.

    1. SuedeMoz
      So according to the "article," Morrissey decided to punish his fans with a cancelation (postponement actually)... just because? For those that want to keep putting forward the idea that Morrissey doesn't care about his fans - he only cares about money - how does postponement support that cause? In actuality, he stands to lose financially as many may refund as a result. By the way, this was a soldout show.
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    2. Anonymous
      Looking at the fucking state of him I wouldn't be surprised if the whole tour topples.
    3. Anonymous
      Another bone-headed move guaranteed to lose more fans! I looked through social media sites and I didn’t see one person who was grateful he canceled because they couldn’t get there. The Interpol bus was there, Boz was in town, people were already in line at the venue, blue skies in Houston. And to reschedule on a Monday night! Ridiculous!
    4. Anonymous
      yes it is a shock when it happens especially after all the hassle that you have had attending, but you yourself say you drove through flooded streets, well imagine the equipment being driven through the exact same streets plus add to the fact that not everyone is like you and some would simply decide not to go hence the date being put back, don't worry your concert will still happen, best regards, manc lad
    5. ForgivemeJESUS
      So true, my heart goes out to them, and I originally posted and even started a thread of how the event probably would be postponed or canceled. And I waited and waited for the announcement but when you dont here anything you get your butt up and take it as the SHOW MUST GO ON, and get to the show so you dont lose out in seeing Morrissey (who rarely comes in this area) and of course the money. Even after phone calls and emails and watching social media saying show was on . Now when I say flooded streets I should have said streets that have dried up with standing water in there ditches and thats driving from 2 hours away from a area, hit harder than spot of venue which I'm sure everyone seen the picture of how dry it looked. So my point being Morrissey camp did a terrible job knowing the situation, hell he even commented in Austin about it, should of postponed Thursday or at least Friday for sure and not 1 hour before doors opened. Again all I lost was $20 in gas and time but that's nothing compared to people who houses are flooded especially after just fixing them up from hurricane Harvey's devastation, and some lost there vehicle. I'm agreeing with the postponement just not when they announced it. Note I did meet some terrific fans that were definitely dedicated to Morrissey, ....again. so the comment about the flooded streets you threw back at me is ridiculous. I bet if you had $700 tied up for show your ass would have been wading through the water.
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    6. ForgivemeJESUS
      And as we were exiting the line we all said a comment about how the other shows in town were still on.....thanks for posting this
    7. Anonymous
      The postpone announcement should have been made earlier though no one knows how or when the waters gonna recede and you always hope for the best I guess. This was record flooding. Sure there are angry fan comments that you can see but who knows what you don’t see. It’s not as if those comments represent everyone. I’m 39 and I take my three yo to see concerts and I wouldn’t have gone out. I guess my point being that even the fans have different needs. I don’t see what Morrissey would have to gain from a postponement of a sold old show. I think he just wants the show to be great and that going on would have made it less so and people would have missed out do to environmental concerns they can’t control or drive down risky streets. Full disclosure I once in my youth killed my Jetta after saying I’ll just drive through this water. I would not have gone
    8. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333
      very sensible move by Moz putting the safety of the fan first.:)
      had someone been drowned of electrocuted the usual skinny pseudonyms
      would be screaming to high heaven that Moz was responsible. they would start in with the:drama:
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    9. Anonymous
      Really Skinny. You can tell that from your worn out armchair.
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    10. Anonymous
      I’ll pay a hundred dollars to anyone with a photo of Morrissey in Houston yesterday. There is no doubt in my mind he never came to town. Seriously a hundred. Just post the photo.
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    11. Anonymous
      I think his management make those decisions Skinny, as you know.
    12. Anonymous
      You again Skinny. Post a few photos then. I'd like to see the dry roads.
      I feel sorry for the fans who went to the expense and danger of travelling.
      Morrisseys MANAGEMENT should have alerted people to the POSTPONEMENT earlier.
    13. Abrahan
      I've got 2 photos with Boz at 2 different locations in Houston.
    14. Abrahan
      4 out of 5 of those venues are INDOOR venues. Jussayin'.
    15. ForgivemeJESUS
      HELLO ...I drove a long way, I met people from Houston and we say this
      And it's why the other 10 events went on as usual
      You will have to do better than that,
    16. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333

      Skinny, you and your pseudonyms again with your troll nonsenseo_O
      Dont you have any common sense?:straightface:

      Most ticketholderds would not have been able to attend due to weather conditions FFS.o_O
      you would rather the peeps run the danger of battling the elements? what kind of Muslim are your FFS:censored:
    17. Anonymous
      You really are the most stupid person to ever grace these boards
      As I’ve said: whatever you think of Skinny, you all know his name and what not, he doesn’t need to post anonymous as he does it and sticks by it in his own name. Whatever you think, you can’t knock the lad for that. His views maybe not yours, but he stands by it .....in his name
      So jog on with your shite.
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    18. Carlislebaz
      Unfortunately these things happen, I can’t see Moz just postponing a concert to annoy people, really feel for those who have booked hotels etc and folked out many dollars, keep the faith all you little charmers, your night of ecstasy will be soon
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    19. Carlislebaz
      Leave vegan alone... my best new buddy... vegan!! Could it be I like you???
    20. AztecCamera
      I reckon people from Southern California like The California Son do not like rain and panic when there is water falling from the sky and thunder and lightning is like the world is ending, so this was obviously expected if you wackos know anything about The California Son. Reckon me mate Nigel has 2 pics of The California Son eating jalapeno ranch french fries with extra guac at Los Panchos in West Hollywood late last night with Day-Day, Duff, Billy Armstrong, and Jonesy. Guess it was boyz night out m8 inn nn n n nn nn nnnnnn n nnn it chipper curry cunt.

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