Houston, TX concert still on, venue changed and upgrades available - StubWire.com email

Show is still on! Venue has been moved.

the email:
Good news is that the Morrissey show is still happening! Bad news is that bad weather the past few days means we can't have it on the Lawn.

But, the show will go on at the brand-spankin' new Smart Financial Centre at 18111 Lexington Boulevard, Sugar Land, Texas 77479

And of course!
Yes! Your existing ticket is still good for Smart Financial Centre. No new ticket is needed!
Yes! If your tickets are will-call, you can still pick them up from will call at Smart Financial Centre!
Yes! Show times are expected to stay the same.

See ya Friday...I hope.

Full email additional details from Abrahan:

Premium Front Of House Assigned Seats Now Available!
With this venue change we are now able to offer some assigned seats so close, you will be able to see the sweat dripping from Morrissey and best of all you will have an assigned seat! To upgrade your order please visit http://www.stubwire.com and login to your account in the top right corner of the site. Once you are logged in you should see your Morrissey event listed where you can click on DETAILS to view your order. On this page you will now see a button to upgrade your order and move into the red section on the seating chart.


Where are my General Admission tickets located?
On the above image, all the original Lawn General Admission will be first come first serve within the green section of the above image. Please help us out and do not leave empty seats between you and the other customers as the Ushers will ask you to move over.

But what about our Add-On’s?

Premium Hilltop Seats - Don’t worry we will be upgrading your tickets into the Golden Circle seats which gets you right up front! We hopefully will have your exact seat locations to you by end of business on Thursday 04/13/2017.

Balcony Access - The great thing about the Smart Financial Centre is that they also have a Premium Balcony that you are going to be amazed when you see. When you arrive at the show bring your Balcony Access tickets up to the Club Seats and we will exchange your ticket for a Club Seat wristband and allow you to pick your seat.

Parking - We are still working out a few details for those that have pre-purchased your parking. We will send you another email when it is finalized but don’t worry we will make sure you are taken care of!

Pegstar, WOMH & StubWire
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Quando quando quando

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It's a good amount but many others have far more under their belts!

They are all crazy but I envy them! I am crazy too of course.
Saw him only 4 times.
I know the anticipation and the joy of seeing him live.
Hoping you have a great concert Harsh Truth (of the camera-eye)!
Cheers! :thumb:


Wow. Just wow.

So, we buy tickets to a General Admission show where getting there early means you'll be up front. That's what I paid for and that's what I expect.

So then they change the venue, and for the price I paid for my ticket, now I'm forced at least 20-30 feet back (if not more) because they want to charge more for the "Golden Circle". So after paying the increased ticket price, the service fees (which would be the THIRD time since they weren't refunded from the first cancelled show), we're talking paying $100 more to *maybe* get a close seat to a show that was supposed to be General Admission.

I'm glad I'm not a hardcore fan. I feel sorry for the hardcore people who had plans for showing up early to get right up to the stage and are now being completely screwed if they don't PAY UP.

I guess I'd lose my voice too if I thought I wasn't getting paid enough. I hope enough people realize that this was a classic Bait-and-Switch.
It's the weather u moron.

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