Houston tickets update


I am not BBC scum
Everyone knows that the Houston got postpone what they may not know is after going back and looking at the tickets for sale all tickets are for sale balcony , Hill top tables ,GA, GA pit and even handicap I guess because it went from Saturday to now the new schedule for Monday. Which in itself is unusual, based on the White Oak Lawn schedule for other lawn shows, They are all Friday or Saturday . I personally did refund my tiks because I had bought too many but I did personally payback the individuals that bought mine. But it was a business decision with intent to buy new tickets( GA pit again )
But my point of this ......I dont think anyone else is. And what's so strange is all the different tik for sale were sold out just prior to postponement ......so like Neal Cassidy said will this show go forward or be another casualty of this NA CALIFORNIA SON 2019 TOUR
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I returned my ticket as I can’t go on a Monday, but maybe it’s a moot point. Hope it goes on, as a Texan I like the tour grand finale being here.
It would be sweet.... we will see. Thank God I have vacation days to burn before new year. Or I wouldn't be going either
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