House Of Blues Myrtle Beach


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I saw somewhere in a past thread that some people (perhaps from Asheville, NC) were talking about the Myrtle Beach, SC show, but I couldn't find it again. Who's going and do you plan to bake in the sun all day like me?


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maybe not ALLLLL day... because it will be way too hot out there- but i will be very early..

are people seriously gonna be camping out? i mean is it just me or is that a little extreme..


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I'm still pondering if I'll be able to go, but I've got a minivan and can carpool down I-26 from around Hendersonvile. If we get a group, I don't mind baking. Getting sunburnt alone isn't fun.


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I think I was the Asheville fan you're talking about...pleasantly surprised to see a Hendersonville fan out there too! I (and my wife) don't plan on waiting in line very long....I've done the whole get-crushed-at-center-stage thing a few times and since this venue holds about 2,500 I think anywhere inside will be a fine position.


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I agree, RobLand. It's a small venue so the view will be great regardless. Stand outside all day in Myrtle Beach in July? You'll be sick as a dog by the time the show starts, guaranteed!

It's pretty exciting that Morrissey is playing in Myrtle Beach. This place was like a second home to me as a kid. If I was told in 1991 that Morrissey was coming to MB, I wouldn't believe it!
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