Morrissey Central "HONG KONG STREETS" (November 1, 2023)



8 must-see Hong Kong concerts in November and December 2023: from music festival Clockenflap featuring Pulp, to British legend Morrissey, Chanyeol of K-pop boy band Exo and R&B star Keshi
Well i got a tip from china
That they stole ol kubla khan
So i took an ocean liner
Down to old hong kong

Sam missed a trick by not photoshopping Mozi's face onto Hong Kong Phooey. Maybe he can do it in time for an event T-shirt?
how ironic that there is kung fu posters advertising wing chun which was the style bruce lee learned first on each side of M.
The Strait Times plugs Moz' Asian dates

At Morrissey's 2009 show in Killarney, myself and an American friend hung out for a while after in the residents' bar with a chatty English guy, jokingly and sillily calling ourselves El Presidentes! We met at one or two more shows until he moved to Singapore and we lost touch. I wonder if he'll make a beeline back on the 9th, to hear 'the songs that made you smile and the songs that made your cry'.
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