"Honey You Know Where To Find Me" #23 in UK best selling vinyl singles of 2020 - NME

shoplifterromo writes:

The best-selling singles of 2020 U.K. chart has been announced by the Official Charts Company (OCC).

NME lists Morrissey’s “Honey You Know Where To Find Me” at number 23 in the year’s top 40 chart.


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People buy plenty of albums by plenty of artists, new and old. People just don’t buy Morrissey’s albums.
People do buy them. physical sales are recorded, so your statement is incorrect. I purchased many records this year. Unfortunately the copy of 'Atmosphere ' I received was the Russ Abbott version and not Joy Division so don't worry we are both mugs.
I’m now listening to my blue vinyl calrlise son, and it’s jumping like hell....
The album face is the best ever..
Lady will power,
It’s over .
When you close your eyes
Wedding bell blues
Don’t interrupt the sorrow
Loneliness remembers ....
Ahhhh the Butcher shall regenerate
And hopefully disagree ....

Come on eh .... I’ve had no one to play with of late .... the Hofmann has announced his bi-sexuality, thinks he’s 4kin Bowie....

Brummy boy is a bore.
I’m quite dull myself.....

Quick step and side kick ,
An album by The Thompson Twins...
Track 4
It’s the same as
Jackie is only happy.....
It's nice to see the song Johnny Marr played on "No Time to Die" by Billie Eilish at number 5. Imagine, 30 years on, Morrissey and Marr still on the charts, although sadly, not together.
Only rubbish people like Moz and his delusional fans care about charts like this.
I just came across this bit and didn't know where else to put it. Tangentially related because Lili's Honey's cover star.


From Hot Press, 2008.
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