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Just looking at the setlist for Hollywood bowl on the front page, this is surely one of the best setlists of Mozz's solo career? Really shows the variety in his canon, mixing some old Smiths favourites, old and more contemporary solo favourites as well as the new stuff which is now really starting to sound at home.

The Queen Is Dead / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Ganglord / The National Front Disco / Let Me Kiss You / All You Need Is Me / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / Disappointed / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In The Future When All's Well / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / First Of The Gang To Die / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / You Have Killed Me / That's How People Grow Up / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.

Cant wait for the DVD, any idea when it's released? Whoever was there, treasure your memories deeply! Lucky sods! :D


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thanks for the setlist. it's Monday and i was nearly late for work still basking in the glow of Friday night!

wow - i have to say that was the best show yet. i had my doubts as to whether the venue would be packed bc i was certain brokers and scalpers had the run of the lot, but i was pleased when we arrived to the marquee announcement of, 'Morrissey Live at the Hollywood Bowl (06/08/07) - SOLD OUT'. inside was a crowd of 17,000, stuffed to the skyline, and it looks like the Moz was equally moved by the attendance. he made sure to thank the crowd by the 2nd song - 'It's been 15 years since they allowed me into the Hollywood Bowl, so thank you for sustaining your interest, or renewing your interest. Or if you were born in the last 15 years, as most of you were, I'm very grateful.'

i don't remember this for the other shows of previous years, but that night, he really did engage the crowd more, speaking to everyone, passing the mic, even one fond shot at 'scawny Echo Park'. no shortage of stage invaders for this event. a few Smiths songs and 3 shirt changes later, it was obvious LA still loved the Moz. and the audience showed their appreciation by standing for the old classics as well as the early solo staples. i think we were shouting rather than singing along with him for those songs. and when the end came w/ There Is a Light, everyone - including the Moz - was moved by the show.

best show yet - can't wait for the DVD.

and PS that drummer should be knighted :)
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