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    I don't find Hole too exceptional, and I think if it weren't for Courtney Love's extra-musical antics they would be pretty close to being one of the many forgettable 90s bands. That said, "someday you will ache like I ache" is a memorable line, and in her interviews Courtney Love (at her zenith) had an "opinionated as well as unhinged & deranged" quality, kind of like Mickey Rourke or Vincent Gallo, and it made her mildly fascinating to watch. As much as she hated Axl Rose, she was on the flip side of that same coin. Some people think Morrissey is in this "unhinged & deranged" category, but I disagree. There is still something very feline about his way of expressing himself: ferocity and gracefulness at once; acid leavened with humor; the gleeful pissing off of all the dreary hysterical "safe" people. At any rate, I don't think much of Courtney Love anymore as she seems to have lost her fire. I actually prefer Pamela Anderson, another blonde 90s icon, who has grown into someone special: campaigning for animal rights, befriending Julian Assange, and appearing with Morrissey in a spoken-word promo, wearing an enigmatic half-smile and looking like a prim and stylish socialite. That promo was great. Better than the actual song, which I unfortunately hated the music for (which is too bad, since the lyrics are great).
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    Her albums are ok with hole. The first is sorta lesser babes in toyland but is nice if you’re into the genre and it’s produced by Kim gordon of sonic youth which gives it some pizazz. I don’t really like live through this as I find it sorta
    Boring mid tempo and hookless but with all the stuff going on around it the record became a statement. Celebrity skin is much better but with Corgans involvement it becomes hard to tell who’s albums it is. Her first solo album America’s sweetheart is by far my fav as it’s loud uptempo and super catchy. I also disagree that she’s the flip side of axle rose. She’s just a drug train wreck but was imo much smarter and more educated and worldlier than axle ever was
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    She and the band were good enough to cause such mayhem at a festival in Sweden a young girl died when they played live plus Courtney took full advantage of swearing on swedish tv as that is allowed here.

    "Interview with the band on swedish television before the show that became the big tragedy as a 19 year old girl got killed in the audience. June 17th 1999."


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