HMV have just cancelled my preorder


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Is it me?
I've just had cancellation emails for all formats of "All You Need Is Me" and now its showing as unavailable on the website:eek:


edit: I've just fired them a reply.....
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They cancelled my ALL YOU NEED IS ME/MY DEAREST order

We’re getting in touch to let you know that all or part of your recent order from has been cancelled:

Order no: 17018117

Qty Format Artist Title Price

We have been informed by the suppliers that this item has been discontinued from their catalogue, as the manufacturer is now longer producing the item. It has therefore been cancelled from your order. Please note that you have not been charged for this item. has one of the most complete and up to date databases in the world. However, obtaining confirmation of discontinued titles can take time to be communicated to us from the distributors. We always endeavour to keep our catalogue as up to date as possible, and the product page on the web site is being updated to reflect this deletion.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment that this may have caused.


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Call us: 0845 603 8576
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I would prefer this to be Morrissey's decision than the other scenario. That the record company haven't made as much money out of the greatests hits as they wanted and have therefore decided to drop him.



I didn't know you had so much money to spend!
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anyone ordered it from amazon or recordstore had a cancel notice yet?
its showing as release next monday,
heres praying it happens.

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anyone ordered it from amazon or recordstore had a cancel notice yet?
its showing as release next monday,
heres praying it happens.
I'm not generally a single buyer, but I've just put in a pre-order to Amazon to see what happens. *waits for email*


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I just ordered it online and they sent me a confirmation email. The release date is still marked as May 19th. Wonder what'll happen.

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Good Evening West 'am!
LOL! That's BS young man and you know it. I know perfectly well that you guys were deliberately trying to get me drunk for your own amusement, being as I'm such a bore when sober apparently.
Surely two out the three people had some amusement and I was not included, thank the lord!

It is true you are boring but I am no fonder of you drunk as it usually involved something being thrown at me.............hay LA!

No AYNM in HMV on Oxford Street, I'm sure I read on Morrissey World that it was coming out. Odd.


you should see mine
I happen to work in the same building as HMV Customer Services and know that they are unlikely to cancel an order unless they are unable to get hold of the item for a very long time. They tend to have more than one supplier so this would indeed suggest that they are unable to source it. HOWEVER, HMV Online is in fact a separate part of the company to the mainland operation which may still be able to source it.

The best idea would be to just hang on until the later release date, or try and get hold of someone at Decca to find out for sure.

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