HMV deny refusing to stock "Low In High School"

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By Famous when dead on Sep 11, 2017 at 12:13 PM
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    Here we go:

    Oh, and look: both NME & Spin are copied in to the tweet and they both ran the story yesterday.


    @hmvtweets / Twitter.
    Contrary to reports, hmv have not refused to stock the new Morrissey album. Full comment below @NME @SPIN

    contrary to reports, hmv have not refused to stock the new Morrissey album.

    BMG shared the artwork with us last week and we are looking forward to continuing to work with BMG on the forthcoming release.

    for the second time this year it appears Morrissey's camp have made a statement about hmv without being fully aware of the facts.

    UPDATE 8:25 AM PT:

    Posted by an anonymous person:

    Doesn't look like this relationship will sour any time soon. Korda Marshall seems to have done his homework regarding M.

    . @BMG is happy to confirm that HMV has not refused to stock the new Morrissey album. @hmvtweets


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    1. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      So we are to believe it is causing great turmoil in Old Blighty but what about the US?
      Spin is an American music rag I think?
      Rolling Stone picking it up?
      It could very well be they, the Americans in general, are not interested that much or indifferent, so far.
      Although they are interested in royalty. And royal babies.
      Maybe Moz Angeles and the entertainment press there will pick it up.
      If not, Moz has to take other measures, I guess. :rolleyes:
    2. Uncleskinny
      As I posted on another thread...So it appears all made up to kick off a storm, which was obvious all along. It looks like the Moz camp employed a bunch of friends topropagate this nonsense at thesame time as a calculated move.But it was a lie, according to HMV.
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    3. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      No, it's a pretty big deal. I suspect he will be charged with fraud, slander, libel, and perjury and the case will go all the way to the Supreme Court.
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    4. Anonymous
      Caught out again! Let's also not forget his fishy tale of multiple people filming an Italian cop threatening him at gunpoint, which when no footage emerged we now also know is bullshit.

      "You lied about the lies that you told.
      Which is the full extent of what being Moz is all about."
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    5. Cornflakes
      A&R PERSON: I'm sorry, Morrissey, but there's no way we can use this sleeve.
      MOZ: But surely you recognise its artistic brilliance. The bold use of text, the haunting look in the boy's eyes...
      PERSON: Yes, yes. The whole office is stunned with how wonderful it is. Hardly anyone has spoken for two days. But, you see, it's maybe just a little bit too ahead of it's time. HMV are just not going to be able to stock something so edgy and thought-provoking. You know, political correctness gone mad and all that.
      MOZ: Have they told you they won't stock it?
      PERSON: What? Erm ... yes. They phoned just now while you were having a piss.
      MOZ: Grrr! Not again! The bloody shitcunts!
      PERSON: Shitcunts. Yes. Now, before you leave, one more thing. Whatever you do, don't get anyone to put anything about this...
      Morrissey slams the door behind him as he leaves.
      PERSON: ...on the internet.
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    6. No1uno
      Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah,coffeespitout,hahahahahhahaha, aahhh, just another day.
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    7. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Okay, tomorrow then, same time, same post? :D
      Don't leave out the coffeespitout!
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    8. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      creatively put. Though I don't think M would say 'bloody shitcunts!' While everyone is pointing fingers and accusing a certain someone as 'lying', maybe one should point out why or wonder why BMG told M that HMV wouldn't stock the record? I mean that's if BMG told that to M.
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    9. Anonymous
      I suspect it's one of the publicity bods at BMG - they realise they have absolutely awful cover artwork on their hands for this record they've paid for and now have to shift a few thousand copies of, and are desperately trying anything to persuade Morrissey to think again. Probably a mention that "the guys at HMV won't like it" has spiralled in Morrissey's head to an outright ban.
    10. Cornflakes
      I'm going to get Guy Ritchie to direct.
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    11. BrummieBoy
      Even if this is the explanation, it doesn't reflect well on Morrissey as all it does is move him from the 'overt liar' camp to the 'unreliable witness' camp which means he is unable to accurately report the details of his life. Anyone who's LOL'd through his 'autobiography' will smile at such a possibility. It's interesting to note he's got his toady James Maker to raise the alarm bell rather than do it himself. No doubt he will claim Maker got 'confused' now that it's exploded in his face. Devious, truculent and unreliable is one way of putting it. Mentally ill is another. If he's got any evidence to support this nonsense, let's see it. No doubt it will 'support' his case as well as the email from Boz supported his case when he wasn't allowed to represent the people of Paris after a terrorist atrocity. If he says nothing in response to HMV's rebuttal then he looks like a total wanker...

      I'm guessing it's a mediocre record and he's realised that now the buzz of recording it has faded and he listens to it again. To avoid the horror if it being either mocked or ignored, he appears to be orchestrating yet another of his ridiculous conspiracy theories to blame his C List achievements on 'the music industry' rather than his C List talents.
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    12. ninetimesfined
      Maybe the axe is the issue and they'll just Photoshop it out.

      Then in 40 years they'll re-release the album replicating the orignal artwork, a la David Bowie's big testes on the 'Diamond Dogs' sleeve.
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    13. Pokey
      Moz is going to be shattered. One less external force to blame when it doesn't chart as well as he wants it to :(
    14. Anonymous
      If this is the reason behind everything you should go on and mock it. It will surely help everybody involved. Again, it is a possibility as I recall a review of LOTL by Jake Walters' girlfriend (now removed from her website, of course) in which she said "no wonder that Moz is paranoid". Maybe she said it observational as a fan or she said it with insight as the current girlfriend of Moz' ex boyfriend.
    15. Anonymous
      What are the odds on the band-members all wearing 'FUCK HMV' T-shirts at the Hollywood Bowl? :lbf:
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    16. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      This new album seems doomed from the start. Bad title, bad artwork, bad publicity.

      Too bad really.
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    17. unloveable
      Gustavo has been very quiet lately or has he been too overexposed ? and Boz ? havent seen anything relevant either , oh wait it's Mandos turn ...please no not Mando.
      Must say was surpised Linder deleted her post , well done Linder protect your art reputation.
      the plot thickens .
    18. BrummieBoy
      Given his 'Christmas cards with the mentally ill' faux pas, he's hardly in any position to lecture. And it's a matter of context. Whilst thousands are deprived of access to mental health services due to government funding, this is a multi-millionaire who repeatedly boasts of his access to a private doctor & psychiatrist. If the latter has never suggested that Morrissey may be suffering from paranoid ideation, he should maybe consider asking for a refund. There is currently NO evidence to support claims about the Rome police officers or these outbursts against HMV. It's almost as if he has to imagine an enemy plotting his downfall and re-arranges reality to bolster his paranoias. The sad fact is there doesn't appear to be anyone in his family or business circle willing to tell him he's adrift from consensual reality. It's up to him to now explain this latest nonsense or to allow his 'friend' James Maker to be thrown under the bus aas a fantastist or someone who makes delusional interpretations of evidence. Let's see if James Maker is willing to be the fall guy or if he now pipes up with some clarifications as to why he came to the view that HMV were plotting to de-stock this release. Presumably he has some, whether it's a conversation with Morrissey or an email.

      It's hilarious that HMV have called everyone's bluff on this at the outset. Either Maker/Morrissey have some credible evidence or we can dismiss them as delusional interpreters of consensual reality. It's just another comic interlude in the clown-ish denouement of Morrissey's failed attempts to become a bona-fide pop-star rather than just a bizarre troll on the side-lines of popular culture. I'm enjoying this 'controversy' immensely! It bodes well for a total car-crash album launch.
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    19. BrummieBoy
      How about 'FcUK Consensual Reality' t-shirts to re-inforce their delusional intepretations?
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