Highland Park, IL - Ravinia Festival (Sep. 14, 2019) post-show

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You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / Suedehead / Alma Matters / Hairdresser On Fire / I Wish You Lonely / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore / Lady Willpower / Wedding Bell Blues / Morning Starship / Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself / Everyday Is Like Sunday / If You Don’t Like Me, Don’t Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Back On The Chain Gang / Satan Rejected My Soul / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Bullfighter Dies / Never Again Will I Be A Twin / Some Say I Got Devil / Jack the Ripper // How Soon Is Now?

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Really good night at Ravinia. Big crowds and Moz was in excellent spirits. 4th time seeing him (since late 90's). Fun banter in between songs (almost too well behaved), nothing political or preachy. His voice is still strong but he really needs a haircut. Merch lines were really long so I'm sure he cleaned up on that.

Not sure if I will ever see him again (he asked...will we ever meet again), but if he did come back through I would have zero hesitation. It's nice being able to buy tickets and not have to worry about them being sold out in minutes. It's a different phase of his career for sure but he still sounds great and that's all that really matters.
Anyone seen the latest 'coincidence' on Following The Mozziah? It's a big one. No? Not interested? Pissed off that you dismissed it after Uncle Twatty told you it was a hoax 8 years ago? It's not too late to join in you know. You don't even have to get involved with the whole blue rose thingy.

Anyway, it's been nice chatting.

Much love

Gregory Peck's glasses
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Melvis is just rampin’ up the hair for Texas. It’ll be perfect by then.

That’s where the two Steve’s Show (Moorissey and Yaxeley-Lennon) drops. Miles of pre-show pork, beef and burning cross tail-gating outside and a line-up for Beyond Meat for the fake-ass vegans inside.

Open carry show.

Gonna be a proper barn burner!

It appears Tommy Robinson's supporters love them some Morrissey, judging by the bald man's tshirt:

Munich was for sure on there. Found it only slightly notable because his last show in Chicago (2017) was the first time he had played Munich since 2004. Can’t believe he’s been playing it two straight years.
That's very interesting. Merkel had more luck.
you don't remember the haunting videos of the old Man U team and the plane crash?
how on earth is that offtopic? The poster said they didn't remember Moz playing "Munich Air Disaster 1958". I replied how could you have missed it with that haunting video of that doomed 1958 man united team playing behind him as he sang it. It was chilling. And memorable.

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