HIG negative sleeve sold on Ebay

I see that the Hand in Glove negative sleeve recently sold for 1500(!) quid.


Been wanting this for a long time myself, but that's pretty steep. Fair price?



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And Just Think He "just Found Them In His Collection"
£5000 Worth Of Records

Remember Serious From Italy Anyone?


The number of extreme rarities this guy is selling/has sold is pretty unbelievable.

But he has over 600 positive feedback and 1 negative; I doubt many here have feedback better than that (well I do, actually). He's received feedback on many items costing hundreds of dollars, including a Cure promo for nearly $2,000.00, and he's already received positive feedback for the HIG Neg.

All his auctions have high res images, and they all look to be in nice condition, but obviously have areas of age; which would seem very difficult to counterfeit on such a large scale. He's selling rare Duran Duran, some of the rarest Cure items out there, plus loads of mini lp cds in their promo boxes.

15 years ago the Reel Around The Fountain was valued at just under $200, and the negative sleeve at $120 or so. It's not implausible that he was a dealer or collector in the late '80s and has only recently revisited his collection. I went through some of my 12"s/LPs last week and there was stuff I didn't know I had.

My own conclusion is that he's legit.
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