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And here I thought Vegan Cro would have been the only one over the moon at the thought of being farted on by Morrissey.
oh no, I'd be totally into it. I hope he wears his priest suit at the same time. god, that would be hot.


team bougatsa
Hey, Rifke Dear, I have a question for Moz. Is it ok if I post it here, too? Or would you be kind enough to consider including it in your interview that feels inevitable at this point. I think you’re generous that way, so I’m going to go ahead and sincerely hope I’m not stepping on your toes.

Dear Sir,

Per your suggestion, I have been spending considerable time in bed lately. And while lounging about in the sheets for which I’ve paid, it occurred to me that you and I probably have very similar specifications for linens. I am a very particular girl and everything I’ve observed about you says you are indeed a very particular boy. I used to have a rule that I would not get in bed for less than a 400 thread count. At least not any bed I planned to linger in. But when I faced spending an entire day in bed, I found that really a nice Egyptian cotton sateen with say a 800-1,000 thread count was in order. No sense chafing on a low quality sheet if one were to choose to squirm around for a bit. I’m sure you must share my view! And do you prefer a duvet and cover? I know I do. Nothing like snuggling down under the weight of a quality comforter (and I am still talking linens.) I also have a small collection of antique French Boutis and they are always lovely to throw top the bed. Somehow I feel you may, too? You see, Sir, there is some urgency to your reply. It is time for me to put together my Spring Bedscape. I must know your feelings so I may make appropriate choices. Diagrams and photos would me most welcome for inspiration and accuracy. Please share your thoughts with Dear Rifke and I can rely on her to pass everything along to me.

Try Anything Twice
oh god yes!!! we must know what kind of linens he uses!! I think everyone would be interested in that, yes? what's wrong with interviewers that they never ask the really important question like "what do you sleep in?" (especially since his bed is seemingly so important to him)?! I would definitely include that in my interview (which is, like, totally in the bag. I know moz is probably just salivating at the thought of answering these scintillating questions). thanks for the great suggestion!


oh so just because I'm trying to help my baby out suddenly I'm a nut? (cute nut by the way!)
you know, g23, sometimes I think you know nothing about love. this is love, g23. it's what plays through my heart and mind whenever i think of Morrissey all nestled in his domicile:

"when he mentioned how pippa middleton was a thickwit, he completely done me in
and my heart went on a journey to the moon, when he said he smelled burning flesh and hoped to god that it was human.."

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