Hi hello

Hi Hello,
My name's Jamie, i'm 16 years old and from Germany (My mum is from England and my dad from Germany). Is this where I tell you random information about myself? Well, I grew up listening to The Smiths (thanks to my mum) and they're still my favourite band of all time. I also love Morrissey's solo work of course. I'm a vegetarian and I really love animals, playing the guitar and writing and reading :') Ummmm.... I like a lot of bands from the 60s, 80s and 90s but I think we should all be more openminded concerning different music. I hope I don't bore you all :D My favourite The Smiths songs are Still Ill and There Is A Light (basic but it's just too damm good). My favourite Morrissey songs are probably Let Me Kiss You and Suedehead. Sorry for talking so much :') I'm quite shy in real life so this is weird for me...
Jamie x
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you sound nice. welcome!
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