Henry Rollins on Moz...

Oh c'mon people - he's only joking

He obviously loves Morrissey and England

I think it's funny when people miss the point - he's being ironic

Go on admit it - switch on your irony receptors - Rollins is pretty damn funny...

Rollins is a big fat meat head with a stupid bum chin

Ha ha! I am only being ironic!!!

Or am I?
Yeah, I was really upset when I heard him make fun of Morrissey the first couple of times. I was really pissed off, I love black flag, Henry, and all his books. I sent him a e-mail, telling him how much I hated him, and he replied, saying he was confused about whether or not I liked the music haha, I of course replied vigorously with apologies, and love...but still. I want to kick his ass for bad mouthing mozza
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