Helsingborg cancelled

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By Emil on Jul 14, 2011 at 1:40 PM
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    The gig in Helsingborg has been cancelled due to rain.

    Morran also sends the link:

    Morrisseys konsert inställd - hd.se
    Kvällens konsert med Morrissey på Sundspärlan i Helsingborg är inställd på grund av regnet.

    Update 6:31 PT:
    Morran mentions an update to the article on hd.se - Morrissey decided to cancel the show, the promoter wanted it to go ahead as gigs in the rain have been played on the same stage without any major problems.

    See also:
    Press release regarding Morrissey concert date in Helsingborg - true-to-you.net
    14 July 2011

    Due to severe weather conditions the open air concert at Helsingborg (July 14th) is unable to take place for reasons of public and artiste safety.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Emil, Jul 14, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      I don't know the blog author's identity but whoever it is has a talent for satire. The character he or she has created is both hilariously Morrisseyesque - as the Sparks would say - and sadly lacking in self-awareness.

      Does Morrissey think like that? I don't know.

      Blogs gets one follower for every ten readers. So it probably has over one hundred already. I'd give it a 9.5/10. Funniest thing to feature Morrissey since Vic Reeves' performing monkey. Let me put it this way: www.morrisseysworld.blogspot.com or Years of Refusal? Only one winner.
    2. Anonymous
      Stop promoting the fucking thing on here. Nobody cares. Laughing AT you and laughing WITH you are not the same thing, asshole.
    3. Anonymous
      From Swedish newspaper:


      Morrissey ställer in konsert i Helsingborg

      Regnet sätter stopp för kvällens konsert

      Ett hundbett kan inte stoppa Morrissey – däremot regnet.

      Den forne The Smiths-sångaren kastar in handduken i Helsingborg.

      – Givetvis får kunderna pengarna tillbaka, säger Jocke Ohlin, arrangör.

      Regnet sätter stopp för Morrissey i Helsingborg. Det är artisten själv som valt att inte genomföra konserter på grund av det galna vädret.

      Ungefär 2000 biljetter har sålts.

      – Givetvis får kunderna pengarna tillbaka, säger arrangören Jocke Ohlin till Helsingborgs Dagblad.

      Morrissey är en av huvudakterna på Hultsfredsfestivalen och uppträder på lördag. De som har köpt biljett till den inställda konserten har även möjlighet att gå på Hultsfredsfestivalen istället – som alternativ till att få pengarna tillbaka.
      Blev biten av hund

      Sångaren drabbades nyligen av en handskada när en hund bet honom. Detta fick honom att söka sig till ett sjukhus i Malmö där röntgenbilder visade att hans fingertopp hade en fraktur.

      Morrissey har nyligen gett ut samlingsskivan ”The very best of Morrissey”. Plattan innehåller bland annat remastrade hitsinglar, albumspår och b-sidor."
    4. Anonymous
      Sense of humour bypass. They always sound do angry and constipated don't they?

      Why not find a hobby instead of posting scores of messages on solow criticising the blog? In short, get a life.
    5. Anonymous
      I am going to Hultsfred instead as the Helsingborg ticket is valid there! Man, I am looking forward to this!
    6. Anonymous
      I am going to Hultsfred instead as the Helsingborg ticket is valid there! There will be a much bigger crowd as well. Man, I am so looking forward to this!
    7. Anonymous
      it is now 6:12pm, at least two hours before showtime, and the sun is shining brightly in skåne.
    8. Anonymous
      I must find a hobby. Maybe posing as a famous singer on a painfully unfunny blog.
    9. Anonymous
      Morrissey is, in every sense of the word, a cocksucker.
    10. Anonymous
    11. Stifler
      Yeah, great weather now. Could be a nice evening.

      The rain is not the cause, just a thing to blame on. 2.000 sold tickets my ass, I heard like 700 sold, at the most, yesterday. Probably that's the reason, I wouldn't have enjoyed paying in front om 700 people.
    12. Anonymous
      He's probably going to the Danish Bacon festival instead!
    13. Anonymous
      Heard it from who? Playing out front of 700 didn't bother him last night.
    14. Anonymous
      That blog isn't funny though, i don't understand why there are people who genuinly find it funny, i do have a sense of humour but some things are just not funny.
    15. Anonymous
      Are you serious? 700 people is a lot - any artist should be grateful and privileged to play in front of that many fans. Sebastian Peake, son of the great Gormenghast authour Mervin Peake recently did a talk in my town. Nine people showed. Not only did he do the talk, because he is honoured to promote his father's work, he also offered to come back in October to do the same talk because two groups of people went to the wrong venue by mistake.
    16. Anonymous
      Sense of humour bypass.

      The blog is hilarious, which is why it has so many viewers. Unlike your so-low comments over and over and over...
    17. Anonymous
      LOL! Morrissey's being a pussy again. Were the weather conditions actually "severe"? His lack of hestitation to cancel shows reveals how little he respects

      These are weird times for Morrissey, so we have to wonder if he was hoping for an excuse to stay in bed. After his band got all butt-hurt over people posting negative opinions about their songwriting and playing, it caused Morrissey to call for The Great Purge against his listeners, including trying to take down the largest Morrissey fan site. On top of that, dogs have started attacking him. Dogs can sense things about people.

      And why does the press release on True To You refer to him as the "artiste" (pretentious spelling)?
    18. Anonymous
      Your 8th comment of the day on the blog - all by the same person. What a fool.
    19. Anonymous
      Nah. Sorry.
    20. Anonymous
      Lost some text there. I meant: How little he respects the trouble some people go to to attend his shows.

      Not me, mind you. I haven't gone to a Morrissey show in years.

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