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By Emil on Jul 14, 2011 at 1:40 PM
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    May 1, 2006
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    The gig in Helsingborg has been cancelled due to rain.

    Morran also sends the link:

    Morrisseys konsert inställd - hd.se
    Kvällens konsert med Morrissey på Sundspärlan i Helsingborg är inställd på grund av regnet.

    Update 6:31 PT:
    Morran mentions an update to the article on hd.se - Morrissey decided to cancel the show, the promoter wanted it to go ahead as gigs in the rain have been played on the same stage without any major problems.

    See also:
    Press release regarding Morrissey concert date in Helsingborg - true-to-you.net
    14 July 2011

    Due to severe weather conditions the open air concert at Helsingborg (July 14th) is unable to take place for reasons of public and artiste safety.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Emil, Jul 14, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Yes, I know nothing clearly bc I wasn't there.. It was just a figment of my imagination
    2. Anonymous
      Stephan M. ... is that you?
    3. Anonymous
      If anyone's remotely interested, the dickhead responsible for the cripplingly unfunny fake Morrissey blog is, friend of Uncleskinny, failed journalist, and all round Tseng arse-licker, Walter Ego from the forums. He's boasted about it on twitter, the silly twit.
    4. Anonymous
      Retards. Morrissey will have a good reason for whatever he does or doesn't. If you hate him so much why even bother if he plays or not.
    5. Anonymous
      Its embarrassing someone is actually wasting so much of their time on that fake blog. Who the fuck reads it? Shows who the real idiot is here.
    6. Anonymous
      Love and hate, as emtions, are near-identical. A lot of people feel betrayed by someone they feel is very different to how they actually are. And they feel this way for many different reasons.
    7. Anonymous
      Good thing I checked before I got on the goddamn train. Fuck my life.
    8. Anonymous
      You're just a bit sad aren't you?
    9. Anonymous
      I always thought Morrissey fans were different....well...people are the same everywhere.....it´s a shame
    10. Anonymous

      OK thanks, Mr Amateur Psychologist.

      People need a reality check as it where.
    11. Anonymous
      He is a guy called Kevin apparently. In fact he probably posted the above himself.
    12. bored
      To all of those who were heading to this show, this really sucks. I know how this feels. I've had it happen so I can totally empathize. It can be gut-wrenching. :(
    13. Anonymous
      happened to me and belle and sebastian back in the 90's too. the bitch in the band was "sick" and so they canceled at the very last minute. the gear was onstage and plugged in and ready to go. so disappointing. WTF.
    14. Anonymous
      I get little pay rate for long hours work saved long time for to see tonight. Upset for no get to hear show.
    15. Anonymous
      Morrissey WE all love you

      come back to Manfester
    16. bored
      That's the worst.

      I wish he'd find a way to reschedule but it's incredibly rare for him to do that.
    17. Anonymous
      "The bitch in the band"....charming, aren't you?
    18. Anonymous
      You know what? I already thought that this is quite typical. There they go, have their concerts, they are brilliant, the best in ages they claim, and once they are over for them they switch and make a 180° u-turn and all of a sudden Morrissey's career is over again, he's had it, done with, when it is just time for others to enjoy some concerts of his. We were there before. Same old pattern.
    19. Anonymous
    20. Anonymous
      Julia must be pissed.

      oh well, plenty more airmiles where they came from. No big loss, eh?

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