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By Emil on Jul 14, 2011 at 1:40 PM
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    The gig in Helsingborg has been cancelled due to rain.

    Morran also sends the link:

    Morrisseys konsert inställd - hd.se
    Kvällens konsert med Morrissey på Sundspärlan i Helsingborg är inställd på grund av regnet.

    Update 6:31 PT:
    Morran mentions an update to the article on hd.se - Morrissey decided to cancel the show, the promoter wanted it to go ahead as gigs in the rain have been played on the same stage without any major problems.

    See also:
    Press release regarding Morrissey concert date in Helsingborg - true-to-you.net
    14 July 2011

    Due to severe weather conditions the open air concert at Helsingborg (July 14th) is unable to take place for reasons of public and artiste safety.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Emil, Jul 14, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Surprised at this. It isn't raining that much in Denmark right now, i tell you. Buses and cars can easily drive even though it's raining a little bit. Saw the tourbus being prepered last night for the trip from Aarhus til Helsingborg (around 300 km), and everything looked fine. Really surprised that the gig is cancelled because of rain! I know it's outside but accorinding the Swedih press concerts have been done at Sundpärlen in Helsingborg before in rain. Well, sad to hear it, but it's Morrisseys decision.
    2. Anonymous
      COMPLETELY. Written by a failed journo no doubt.
    3. hey hey my my
      hey hey my my
      Just came from the venue. Is it not possible to play on this stage.
      It is an outdoor venue, I don't like listening to music in the mud, and it can be dangerous for the artist as half of the stage is wet.
      Electricity + water = danger, basic physics and oh fuck you all, as this is the mood over here.
    4. Anonymous
      You pathetic imbecile. The whole "Morrissey needs a steak and/or shag" thing is TIRESOME IN THE EXTREME. If vegetarianism is his 'excuse' for how he behaves, do you have one for being a tedious prick?
    5. Anonymous
      Logistically the could move it inside. What high costs are involved with changing a venue that's reportedly not that far away from the outside venue? So they now have to refund everyone instead? That makes no sense. I find it hard to believe that the venue or the promoters want to sacrafice whatever they make from ticket sales just because of what would be involved with moving venues....
    6. Anonymous
      It´s only a slight drizzle here in Hesingborg. The risk of actually having to stand on his own wet feet was probably too painful for the sizzy
    7. Anonymous
      I'm sure it rained at Glastonbury... If he cancels the rest of the tour he may as well just do one. He's a 52 year old man with many, many fans who have YET AGAIN paid good money to go and see him, booked hotels etc. This behaviour is quite frankly ridiculous and many people are refusing to tolerate it anymore

      He is obviously whiling his hours away reading some of the crap that gets posted on here and taking it all to heart. Or his minions are and reporting the negative stuff back to him. Don't. Its the internet. He can't control it, the webmaster refuses to control it (due to his valid belief that the internet should be a place of open discussion) and its all today's virtual fish and chip paper, albeit with some nutcases who have the memory of an elephant.

      Having said that none of us know what it is like to be subject to vicious innuendo, rumour and subterfuge unless one of us is Mike Joyce or a News International hacking victim.

      Anyway don't cancel the tour on the basis that there are some fundamentalist weirdos and rabid lunatics whose greatest delight in life is slagging Morrissey off on the interweb.
    8. Anonymous
      Totally. The post you were replying to is from another know-nothing masquerading as someone 'in the know'.
    9. Anonymous
      High five, BB. Finally, someone who talks sense.
    10. Anonymous
    11. Anonymous
      Look at this!!

      Thursday, 14 July 2011

      I have just been informed by my management that Helsingborg is, in fact, in Sweden and not Iceland. It's a shame the b******s didn't tell me earlier, because it's not even raining here in Sweden!

      Still, I fancy a lie in. Right, well, I don't want to take up any more of your valuable time...

      Posted by Morrissey at 06:46 0 comments Nobody even believes I am me.

      Nobody even believes I am me.

      Perhaps if I strip to the waist at the Palladium, sing Pretty Girls Make Graves and wear a F*** Morrisseysworld.blogspot t-shirt you'll believe me. Or perhaps not.

      I don't know why I bother. Back to bed, I think. In this perishingly chilly hotel room.

      You can kiss goodbye to seeing me too, Helsingborg. The old IBS is playing up again, probably due to the extreme emotional distress caused by my online fanbase. And you know who you can blame for that...

      To cancel the rest of the tour or not? It's the toss of a coin, really... Now for some organic peppermint tea to soothe these appalling cramps. These bloody modern phones. Where's my instruction manual? Just select 'Boz' from the drop-down menu (one's fingers are just too big for these modern bloody phones; I knew getting a mobile was a mistake), tap dial and... nothing. The lazy lump is probably sleeping in. Am I going to have to boil the kettle myself? What? Some little Icelander feels like the bottom just fell out of his world. He should try being Morrissey for an afternoon. The world's falling out of my bottom, but do you see me complaining? Oh come on, no need for rudeness, we're all grown-ups here.

      Mauled by my own online fanbase for ejecting a b**ch from the venue in Copenhagen (no animals allowed - it's on the TOS)... crippling functional bowel pain... and now I have to make my own tea. It's just salt rubbed in the gaping flesh wounds. Even dogs no longer seem to like old Mozza. One can't help but wonder if this could all be related to that black cat I saw at Dunoon Queens Hall. The fickle finger of fate? Or just cyber bullying by Tseng and co? The persecution never seems to end...

      Now back to Boz. Switching your phone off? Well it's hardly professional conduct, is it? He'll be cancelling gigs next... Some musical director... I don't think he has any idea of how let down little old Mozza feels. It reminds one of when Alain left one without a guitarist - high and dry - on the 2004 world tour. All alone in this world... well, the kettle's boiled, and at least it's warming up my freezing fingertips as the rain percusses the Scandinavian glass with the grim poetry of Manchester's bleak skies.

      Oh crap. And I'm out of Twinings Peppermint. Of course. It's just not fair, this world...

      Posted by Morrissey at 05:19 0 comments It hardly seems worth it anymore.

      It hardly seems worth it anymore.

      Oh God, what have I done? All this hatred and bile is an unimaginable burden to carry on one's shoulders. I hardly want to get out of bed this morning. Why does the world hate me? Why do my own fans hate me?

      This world is too much to bear at times.

      Posted by Morrissey at 03:59 3 comments

      Hahaha that just about sums it up!

      Wonder what the next axcuse will be. Too windy for his hair?
    12. Anonymous

      THIS: best comment i've read in a while

      When all's said and done, when you're in the public eye, don't read your own press. It's the internet. People say nasty things and, let's face it, this site is visited and contributed to by, some very sick people.
      Morrissey hasn't helped matters. He should have IGNORED this. David should never have been banned, those statements from the promoters about this 'poisionous' website should never have been made, and Morrissey should have just played on regardless. Whether Morrissey lurks here himself, or whether this all trickles back to him via Julia or one of his crew, none of us will ever know. But cancelling shows, and banning people, it's harming him way way more than if he had just done the adult thing and ignored it. Ignorance is bliss.

      And singling Julia out at shows... does that really help matters when you have hundreds of thousands of posessive fans who feel you somehow belong to them? That's not going to help the cause.. Who wouldn't want to follow their idol, their hero, around the world if they could afford it? Obviously spending good money on pointless best-of releases and singles on every format, just doesn't cut it anymore. THIS is why people are pissed off. And I'm not trolling. I love Morrissey's music. But if this is where it's going to end, then I'm heartbroken.
    13. Hälsingbårg
      This evening the rain will take off. It's not due to rain, Mozzer probably is pissed off about something. Like only have sold like 500 tickets I heard. How often does an artist cancel a show at a festival due to rain? Never. And in Helsingborg thay can take the show inside Tivoli instead if they wanted.
    14. Anonymous
      I'd love for Morrissey to go out in a blaze of glory (whenever that is) but he's never done anything 'typical' or 'by the book' so I don't know how likely that is!
    15. Anonymous
      I don't understand you. Why are you half-apologising for the nastiness on this site when Morrissey himself has said more spiteful things about others than any of his fans have ever said about him on this site? Have you actually read any of his 90s interviews?

      You can't have your cake and eat it. Neither can you offend half the planet (madonna is a prossie, I wish Bush had died, but glad reagan kicked the bucket, commenting on hugh grant sleeping with devine brown, bring me the head of elton john, bob geldof is a nauseating character, writing songs about murdering Mike Joyce) and then he whines about some of his fanbase who reckon he deserves a better backing band than Alanis Morrissette's former session musician and a few workaday journeymen (no offence Boz, who is a superb musician).

      Get a grip. Morrissey is losing the plot. He needs to recognise his own faults for once in his pampered existence.
    16. Anonymous
      NO its not the best post, its off topic. The stage is outside, its raining as hell here in Sweden. Chill out and have a cupcake. A pink one.
    17. Anonymous
      me thinks the moz masquerader is non other than a very tallented and funny mr robert swipe --- check out mr swipe at swipe core.
      Is it indeed you mr swipe.
      Lots of luv and hello from aunty p
    18. Mozzy boss.
      Mozzy boss.
      This evening the rain will take off. It's not due to rain, Mozzer probably is pissed off about something. Like having sold few tickets. How often does an artist cancel a show at a festival due to rain? Not often, and not when they say it'll be better weather in the eavning. And in Helsingborg thay can take the show inside Tivoli instead if they wanted. When i was supposted to se him i Germany in the 90's he called the show off 2 hrs before just because there eas an open Mc Donalds next door. (they didn't want to have closed during the show). Jerkish behaviour!
    19. Anonymous
      Nuke this site! It's full of shit. It's a laughable joke. Close this site down NOW!
    20. Anonymous
      Why bother to even post this story, David? Nobody here cares anymore. It's self-evident what this site has become: incessant bullying, hounding and attack is now synonymous with free speech, but when the target of the attacks stands up to the bullies, he is "wrong/pathetic/a fascist/a dictator/a hypocrite" etc etc.

      A truly free society exercising true freedom of speech extends that right to all, not just to one party. But I guess that fundamental principle has been missed by all the angry, deluded impotent tossers on here who can't cope with the notion that their idol has finally spat in their eye. How prescient were the lyrics to All You Need Is Me...

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