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By Emil on Jul 14, 2011 at 1:40 PM
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    The gig in Helsingborg has been cancelled due to rain.

    Morran also sends the link:

    Morrisseys konsert inställd - hd.se
    Kvällens konsert med Morrissey på Sundspärlan i Helsingborg är inställd på grund av regnet.

    Update 6:31 PT:
    Morran mentions an update to the article on hd.se - Morrissey decided to cancel the show, the promoter wanted it to go ahead as gigs in the rain have been played on the same stage without any major problems.

    See also:
    Press release regarding Morrissey concert date in Helsingborg - true-to-you.net
    14 July 2011

    Due to severe weather conditions the open air concert at Helsingborg (July 14th) is unable to take place for reasons of public and artiste safety.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Emil, Jul 14, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      More passive-aggressive lashing out at his own fans.

      This reminds me of the great excuse British Rail always used to use. "This service is cancelled due to rain." as though they had no idea it might rain in Britain when they designed the tracks!
    2. Anonymous
      Hmm.... "rain." Rain of disapproval? Perhaps.
    3. Anonymous
      I'd heard he was planning to let David T in to this gig.

    4. Anonymous
      Thursday, 14 July 2011
      Nobody even believes I am Morrissey.

      Perhaps if I strip to the waist at the Palladium, sing Pretty Girls Make Graves and wear a F*** Morrisseysworld.blogspot t-shirt you'll believe me. Or perhaps not.

      I don't know why I bother. Back to bed. In this perishingly chilly hotel room.

      You can kiss goodbye to seeing me too, Helsingborg. The old IBS is playing up again, probably due to the extreme emotional distress caused by my online fanbase. And you know who you can blame for that...

      To cancel the rest of the tour? It's the toss of a coin, really... Now for some peppermint tea: that'll soothe the cramps. Just select 'Boz' from the drop-down menu (my fingers are too big for these modern bloody phones. I know getting a mobile was a mistake), tap dial and... nothing. The lazy lump is probably sleeping in. Am I going to have to boil the kettle myself? Oh don't worry about me, it only feels like the world's falling out of my arse. Switching your phone off? Well it's hardly professional is it? He'll be cancelling gigs next... Some musical director...

      Posted by Morrissey at 05:19 0 comments

    5. Anonymous
      And so it begins...thought it was all going to smoothly!
    6. Anonymous
      The stage is outdoor which explains it. It rains as hell here in Sweden.
      Thought this info could be relvant before you all start complaining!
      But I guess you all won´t listen to that info will you? Because all you want to do is fucking complain!
    7. Anonymous
      Anyone know as to whether this is an indoor out outdoor gig? if it's indoors well, frankly, there's no excuse.
    8. Anonymous
      Anyone care to enlighten me, why someone would go to the bother of writing a blog pretending to be Morrissey?

      Attention seeking?
    9. Anonymous
      He cancelled because he heard a group of over 100 Morrissey-Soloers planned to bum rush the stage as soon as he went on, in revenge for the banning of davidt from Morrissey shows for life.
    10. Anonymous
      Surprised at this. It isn't raining that much in Denmark right now, i tell you. Buses and cars can easily drive even though it's raining a little bit. Saw the tourbus being prepered last night for the trip from Aarhus til Helsingborg (around 300 km), and everything looked fine. Really surprised that the gig is cancelled because of rain! Come on.
    11. herge65
      David...this is why Morrissey has reacted the way he has with you...your site is virtually redundant.

      Deformed, Uninformed and Hunchbacked!
    12. Sweden
      Perhaps he just saw a bloke eating meat on the sandwich in the hotel restaurant for breakfast, then he cancelled the show. Well, now I'll eat a double whopper meal with extra hamburgers just to pay tribute to Moz, cheers mate and thanks for ruining my evening. I'll have a bloody steak for you as well.

      Regarding the rain, that's just bollocks. They've sold so few tickets that they easily could do the show indoors, inside The Tivoli, instead. If they wanted.
    13. Anonymous
      No, it's indoors and due to being made out of lead, the venue is impenetrable from not only rain drops but X-rays and/or mobile phone coverage.

      It is also protected by a giant umbrella which covers the whole town.

      Frankly, there's no excuse.
    14. Anonymous
      Because it's funny
    15. Anonymous
      The rain is not the real reason. The real reason is Morrissey has had an emotional breakdown. Cancellation of the entire tour imminent. This whole business with Morrissey-Solo really got to him.
    16. Anonymous
      its chucking it down in helsingborg and the show is outside.. promoters are cheapskates and didn't want to move the show indoors because it costs more money and they didn't sell enough tickets so its cancelled. end of.
    17. Anonymous
      Mark down as "Easily Pleased".
    18. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      From the venue website:


      Konsert med Morrisey INSTÄLLD på artistens egen begäran . Concert with Morrisey CANCELLED on the artist's own request.

      Vi hänvisar till Live Nation för vidare information. We refer to Live Nation for further information."

      Maybe he thought it looked like rain?

    19. Anonymous
      Kyoko swan is Pauls new partner she doesn't know where his dick has been

      Troll post.

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