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My little amigos: i need help, i'm doing a portfolio for CSM and i decided to do a smiths/Morrissey entry in My portfolio. I'm wondering if you can tell some defining Morrissey/Smiths characertistics. I have come up with some but i'm worried about the cliche-factor. I want to be specific for the Morrissey and the Smiths.

For example, the flowers (gladiolus), the shirts, 60s and 50s icons, Klaus Nomi, Nico, the velvet underground. I want people to know that its Morrissey/the smiths related.

Thank you in advance ;)
I try to research the Smiths and Morrissey as much as i can, but i find myself getting too emotional. Even seeing him in a picture is too hard
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Don't forget to mention anti-establishment / monarchy, working class background and over-the-top (and outrageous) expressions.
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the mindless anger that shaped his personality after Brittan went bankrupt post wwII. his father, I mean take a look at the elvis swagger in some of those pics, mother being closest to his heart, his time spent at schools, his love of cars despite his not really driving much, his taste for old world fashion and glamor ( imean you are the querry with a tommy gun), his love of crime (strangeways is the title of a crime novel as well as the name of a prison), boxing and boxers, his gender balance imbalance which goes along with being a monster of a man carrying flowers ready to challenge almost anything you say (the weird passive aggressiveness) etc etc. geeze hope that helped at all


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