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I mentioned a while back that you should expect this pattern. He posts some right wing bullshit and then some animal-related stuff in quick successsion to (a) Look here, not at that other stuff and (b) this is literally all he has left to cling to, there is nothing else whatsoever. Even if it is is the jackasses of PETA.

he has no clue anymore what he is posting
He's grasping at straws. First he has to label the video guy as "far right" when he'd rather say "racist" except the guy is speaking out about the police killing a black man so even @Uncleskinny has the intelligence to know that wouldn't work.
Then he's unhappy with the post itself because of the "far right" video, and because he needs a reason to express his obsessive love/hate for Morrissey he also has to discount the animal rights video as some sort of trick/scam.
He is very close to being that man who everyone on the train avoids when they go into a rant.
Just consider yourself lucky that you are not Brian May. One day he is trapped on a plane with Skinny, the next he is in hospital with a suspected heart attack. Mind you, I guess most rational folks would feign death if the alternative was a forced conversation with UnclePeter.
They've been doing the same obsolete, "cruel and wasteful experiments", that produce no viable results, no cure, no treatment, like forever. From cutting open a Live monkey's head to Texas A&M secretly doing ( 30 years )of experiments on Golden Retrievers, inducing them with muscular distrophy, and watching them suffer and deteriorate, with taxpayer's money.
In "decades of testing, these studies have failed to produce a cure or even an effective intervention" on muscular dystrophy.
Practically everything under the sun has been tested on innocent animals. Repeatedly.
It's time to move on to modern research, that actually give results and enough with this already. Move on.

This research is finding treatments for Dementia and Alzheimer's disease, which impacts all of us either directly or indirectly. I wonder if the anaesthetic they gave Morrissey to scrape off his pre cancerous cells had been tested on animals?
Maybe if they stop putting mercury, glyphosate and aluminium in vaccines, not to mention roundup in our food and water, there would not be an alarming increase in dementia and alzheimers. Then there would be no "need" for tests on animals who have different reactions to humans anyway, rendering these tests cruel and pointless.

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