"Heaven Knows I'm Mexican Now" - The Guardian, April 24th 2015

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By Uncleskinny on Apr 24, 2015 at 3:23 PM
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    1. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "Everyday Like Sunday is completely a mariachi song."

      No, it isn't.
    2. g23
      The Mariachi thing Moz is doing nowadays lends a certain Buster Poindexter flavor to his material. Tell me you can't picture him mugging like an ass while dancing the Hot Hot Hot dance and shaking maracas to the guitar solo at the end of Staircase at the University.
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    3. AztecCamera
      "Everyday is Like Sunday" is not a mariachi song.

      I think Morrissey must have an entire marketing division devoted to cultivating Mexican fans and he doesn't even tour Mexico or so far not even the Southwestern US on the current tour.
    4. valvano
      Buster Poindexter was the surprise guest of Arcade Fire last August for their first night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on their Reflektor tour. But instead of doing a New York Dolls cover they did his stupid song Hot Hot Hot. It was incredibly sad. I hope Moz doesn't get to that point.
    5. VivaGil
      See you say that...

    6. g23
      Maybe he'll come out with Blondie and do the rapping bit from Rapture for her encore. :lbf:
    7. Southport Grandma
      Southport Grandma
      Isn't Tim Jonze he of that NME interview?
    8. Staar_seed
      Does it bother anyone else when a group does a Morrissey cover and spells his name wrong?
    9. MarioTheMexMozFan
      At last! Morrissey + Mariachi= very Chingon, indeed...see you guys at LA, cause is happening HAS TO HAPPEN. tiene que venir.
    10. Miss Mozzarella
      Miss Mozzarella
      It is beyond stupid to change the name and identity of The Krays. Don't Mexican's have access to Wikipedia or Netflix? The Internet? Someone thinks re-writing the lyrics is actually a tribute??????
    11. celibate
      Tim Jonze is or was indeed from the NME, made some pics too

      'and they say he's mentall'...though I believe or vaguely think Jonze was in camp Moz as Roady and Tour PM, but as usual I think nothing...
    12. VivaGil
      It would probably bother me if it was on their channel but this was just some random person uploading itl.
    13. AztecCamera
      "Hot Hot Hot" is a salsa song, completely different than Mexican mariachi music. If Morrissey was going to go all mariachi on us, he would of added some mariachi riffs to his cultivating Mexican fans in the Southwest song "first of the gang to die". David Johansen could pull off a Buster Poindexter, Morrissey can't, because he can't dance.
    14. g23
      He would have added mariachi riffs? He did. https://youtu.be/gg90VRS_A_M
    15. ACTON
      One of those fools in the photo needs to cut his hair. The other fool needs to cut his beard. Both fools need to take off their sunglasses when indoors.
    16. AztecCamera
      Those aren't mariachi riffs...ha ha ha ha.

      Maybe that's a mariachi riff to a Brit in a USA Commonwealth. Not too many Mexicans in Weeds, England.
    17. David T (different)
      David T (different)
      I went and it was great.

      Especially HSIN with trumpet replacing guitar for the trademark 'wail' sound of the song
    18. Anonymous
      Morrissey is so over this site is so over
    19. Tynamuna
      feck of then and go twerk somewhere

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