Heaven Knows I Need a Hug Now

Hugs To You, Corrissey xx :sweet:

Sorry to hear about all that stuff.. Heaven Knows I've had the worst year of my life in 2008.. the beginning was just awful.. don't wish it on anyone.. but things are getting much better and I expect to be back to normal again soon..... It sucks that now you and PT are going thru bad times, you two were so nice to me back then when I was spiritually broken, so now it upsets me that you guys are in bad shape.

Don't let bad things like loosing your job ruin your holiday season... These things happen all the time to people (now more than ever thanks to stupidass Bush policies that ruined the economy) but you still got your family and as long as there is family, there is love.... as long as there is health, there is life. :)

I'm broke too thanks to a motherf***ing medical bill I got from a high-end Century City hospital months ago... I was rushed there in an ambulance, otherwise there is no way in hell I would've chosen to go there for treatment... motherf***ers are scandalous with their $$$$$ charges :(


That is what friends are for, even if we have never met. Caring and good manners cost nothing.

Glad things are looking up for you!

Love PTxx.
Anyone else just had a crap day?

Please feel free to complain and moan here...

My hand is currently bandaged after I slipped on black ice and cut it open!

And I hate Christmas songs (except The Pogues)...so I hated lunch break as that shite was piped through the system for an hour!

Love PTxx.

Ouch! I'm sorry, PT. My son came off his moped on black ice on the way to college on Monday and he's all bruises. Ice is hateful stuff. And being force-fed Christmas songs... there should be some Human Rights Convention ruling against them or something.

*matronly hug*
Luckily for you all I am a professional hugger. Get in line! :)

Yaaaaaay! You're not my friend Cathy by any chance? :p

Well, my day at school wasn't actually too bad - but I've had things on my mind that make me think I've gone quite neurotic. :( And things started today, which I blame in part for making my day shite. :( I just started crying for no real reason earlier this evening, and I was thinking of horrible things for too long for it to be comfortable, but I'm feeling slightly better now. I don't feel like going into school tomorrow, though. Life is too much of a pigsty. :(

Also: someone who has hurt me a lot was with me unexpectedly today. I didn't want to see them, but I have to most days even though I hate them. :(
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I'm hugging everyone, especially Mauve 21 who says nobody ever says hello to her.

Hello and a squishy hug. (I have big boobs.)
No, sorry. :(

No, I knew you weren't - it's just that I give her lots of hugs, so I suppose she could be called a professional hugger. Or perhaps I'm the professional hugger in this case. :p

So HUGS! for everyone who needs/wants them! :)
I'm hugging everyone, especially Mauve 21 who says nobody ever says hello to her.

Hello and a squishy hug. (I have big boobs.)

I don't believe you...:p

*crosses fingers*..:)
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