Heard this band playing a smiths TCM in a different way

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I was at upholland labour club Saturday night and this band called insiders were on. The band were quite good then they came to playing this charming man. Started off like the normal single version but when it came to the main verse it was really jangly, it sounded like ticket to ride beatles riff played on a 12 string ricky too actually sounded brilliant then the chorus was really rough. Been looking all over for a recording of it but can't find it.

Wonder if there is any tabs for a version of this charming man, no capo playing A chord open with riff for verse?

Found this video of them playing Oasis :p, not quite the smiths though. They also did a crazy mash up of fatboy slim praise you into new orders blue Monday, took me bacj to hacienda days lol

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