He’s being a bit of a… Tim Booth calls out Morrissey amid far-right support claims - Echo

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    He’s being a bit of a… Booth calls out Morrissey amid far-right support claims - Echo
    Press Association 2018

    Tim Booth has labelled Morrissey a “dick” amid claims the revered singer supports the far-right.

    The former Smiths frontman has just postponed his UK and European tour dates with his management saying “logistical problems” were to blame.

    Booth and Morrissey were contemporaries in the Manchester music scene of the 1980s, as members of James and The Smiths respectively, with Booth saying the pair were once friends.

    The 58-year-old, who is preparing to release a new album with James titled Living In Extraordinary Times, told the Press Association: “I knew Morrissey as a friend when he was sweet, very shy, very frightened. Wanting success, wanting what happened with The Smiths and also terrified of it simultaneously.

    “I saw about their seventh gig in Manchester and they were fully formed. They were ready, they were lock and loaded. And we weren’t.

    “They were so kind to us. Morrissey called us the best band in the world, they took us on tour, they tried to take us to America but we actually turned them down. And they were so sweet, all of them, for years.

    “But I know he’s become a bit of a dick.”

    Booth also said Morrissey’s former bandmate, Johnny Marr, “kept that band together” and was “one of the sweetest human beings you will ever meet”.

    Morrissey, 59, recently sparked fury when he expressed sympathy for the jailed EDL founder Tommy Robinson.

    Protesters labelling themselves former fans of the singer planned to hold an anti-racism party to coincide with his gig at the Castlefield Bowl in Manchester before it was postponed.

    Booth added: “As I say, he did some very kind things for us so therefore it’s hard for me to say he’s a dick but he’s being a dick at the moment.”

    Tim Booth performing with James (Karin Albinsson/PA)
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Jul 4, 2018.

    1. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      It doesn't matter who you are, if you fuck with the judicial process it won't come out well for you. It isn't an anti-TR bias, it's just how it is.

      I think prison should be reserved for people who are dangerous personally, actually physically dangerous. But that said it's foolish to argue he wasn't guilty.
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    2. reelfountain
      It was obviously a tactical decision - plead not guilty and you get a longer sentence. He's currently appealing his sentence though. It will be interesting to hear the full story when he gets out.
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    3. reelfountain
      Maybe you believe that governments and judicial systems always play by the rules. What an innocent world you must live in.
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    4. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      Shorter sentence when you plead guilty, but it must surely make it harder to appeal the sentence.
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    5. reelfountain
      All the details will be revealed eventually. This arrest was simply one in a long line of arrests since he formed the EDL.

      Become a threat to the establishment and they will come down on you with everything they've got. They will follow you everywhere, kick your doors down in the middle of the night, seize your computers, raid family members' houses, allow vicious street assaults on you by Muslims to go unpunished, put you in a cell with Muslims who'll savagely beat you and try to kill you. All these things happened to Robinson.

      Why has this not happened to the 25,000 suspected terrorists who the police admit are living freely among us in the UK and could cause carnage at any moment? Why aren't their doors being kicked down and their computers seized and families harassed?

      They are virtually untouchable.

      When the next bomb goes off we can all have a sing song, talk about love and forgiveness, then carry on with our lives until the next one when we repeat this moronic process all over again.

      The government don't care. A few dozen people being blown to pieces by hateful religionists can always be bagged up and explained as acts of individual madness that have nothing to do with Islam, a religion of Peace.
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    6. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      I believe that if you don't play by their rules they'll fuck you, there isn't any anti-TR bias or any special rules applying to him, you have to be specially paranoid to think so.

      Sometimes it is funny though. I've got a friend who saw someone run over by a tram and spent an hour waiting for emergency services to show up. Later in the night some copper decided to have a go at someone over not very much and my boy took issue that he was getting involved in fuck all and when he was needed there was nobody around. So the outcome was he was charged with a breach of the peace or something or other. He wrote himself two a4 sheets of paper of mitigating circumstances and before he got to the end of two lines of it the judge asked 'Is there any point to this?'

      The point is if you talk back to coppers or fuck with the judicial process or any other kind of authority then you'll get fucked. The problem with TR is he actually could have fucked the trial up and so paid the price and nobody is arguing. Apart from yourself.
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    7. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      I’m with Charlie on this one. Yes of course the authorities don’t always play fair. But when you’re in court and the judge says « Stop that or I will hold you in contempt of court » it is a good idea to stop.

      I agree that the working classes have been ignored, patronised and accused of bigotry when they voiced reasonable concerns about immigration.

      But there is another working class/underclass phenomenon I’ve noticed which I think is relevant to Tommy Robinson’s popularity: the obsession with paedophilia. The belief that most people in power are part of some big paedo ring. The ´paedo hunters’ whose motives are not perhaps as pure as they make out. The constant statements about how awful paedophiles are (as if people needed this pointing out to them). To my mind there are two reasons for this. Firstly, as with immigration, working class communities are more affected by paedos... if a sex offender is released from prison, chances are they can’t support themselves and are housed by the authorities in council housing, amongst working class communities. Secondly, everyone likes to have someone to look down on, and no matter how low your position in society, (even if you’re an incarcerated violent criminal) you can still look down on the paedos. And they’re people you can wish violence upon without anyone really caring.
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    8. vegan.cro spirit# 765
      vegan.cro spirit# 765
      "Im with Charlie"
      NO! We are shocked.doh:
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    9. reelfountain
      I agree with you about provoking the police and the law etc. In fact I learned that the hard way, luckily when I was very young.

      But I'll also say this and you might agree: most rank and file police officers out there agree with the politics of Robinson. They wouldn't go out of their way to arrest or harass him for nothing.

      The higher echelons of the government have issued their orders.

      On the video I posted earlier he explains the incessant campaign against him. I saw a video a few months ago where he went up to the police car that was parked outside his house all day and asked them what they were doing, why they weren't out there protecting the public with such a shortage of police these days. "Nothing personal," they said. "But we have to do this. It's orders from on high."
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    10. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      The police were politicized under Thatcher and have remained so since, there's no denying it. I read a book where coppers infilterated various groups from Greenpeace to animal rights groups and instigated crimes which sections in the groups were then sent to prison for. Police monitoring you is to be expected.

      All of this said though, it was still clear that TR's actions could have fucked the trial. There are clear rules, he broke them and the consequences could have been the opposite of his aims. That's why he's in prison.
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    11. reelfountain
      You, like so many others, seem to be criticising everyone but the racist paedophile gangs themselves - the number of which in England is mind-blowingly staggering. If these gangs were white it would be open season. People have been conditioned to not criticise Muslims/blacks etc for any of their faults.
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    12. reelfountain
      I think I've read that book too, if it's the one that came out a few years ago. Interesting book.

      But again, nothing TR said into his phone outside that court could have jepordised the trial in any way. The suspects' names and addresses were already in the public realm. I've got a feeling you haven't actually watched that hour long live feed that he did outside that court - maybe you've just read the bullshit media articles about it?
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    13. g23
      No, I wasn't talking about your veegancro account or your life's accomplishments.
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    14. Anonymous
      I thought you were talking about that very UNFUNNY AND PEP like post you wrote.:rolleyes:
      You seemed very satisfied with its BS merits, despite it being pretty bad and unfunny. I doubt
      anyone in the forum laughed.:straightface:
    15. URBANUS
      Far right is a bit far-fetched!
      Read a column today by this old swedish socialist saying today we are all labelled racist whatever our views are and it's really killing off the debate according to her.
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    16. g23
      Jeez, pick an account already, you dingbat. At least I'm consistently myself, regardless of what I'm saying.
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    17. Nicko Manuva
      Nicko Manuva
      It is possible to be against paedophile gangs AND criticise Tommy Robinson.

      I do have concerns about free speech, political correctness, etc. I just don’t think Tommy R is the best person to deal with them. He’s no George Orwell.

      Anyway. Must go to bed now. I’ve stayed up late watching L’enfer featuring Guillaume Canet, on Moz’s recommendation!
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    18. Anonymous
      The biggest threat to free speech nowadays is that the people who bang on about it most tend to be total bell-ends.
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    19. URBANUS
      Freedom is less popular among the lefties for a reason. Their politics only work if everyone decides to give away their freedom for something else.
      The failure of left wing politics is a frightening example to the world but no one studies it or simply denies it. I wonder what lefties want and it it is all about having everything for free and just handing things out.
      It is a bit like the idea with having night clubs open long into the morning and no one having to work.
      Might be fun for a while. Still most young ones are socialist before they mature but some remain kids all their lives.
      Seeing what background they have it is easy to see they confuse their own failures with it having something to do with other people or mostly rich people. As if the rich are the ones guilty for it.
      I never liked people who based their political ideas on emotions only cause that gets in the way of a lot of things.
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    20. URBANUS
      Or people as yourself being some kind of self-appointed judge to decide who is ok to speak at all or not.

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