Hayley from Paramore wearing a Moz shirt.

Jane Birkin

How lovely. :)

Ben Budd

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She's wearing a shirt with the artwork to a top 3 UK single on the front, doesn't make her a proper fan. When she's cavorting around with the artwork to 'Satan Rejected My Soul' on her front, that's when I might consider her one of us.


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Who gives a shit.....this girl is terrible. And I actually agree with budd for once:eek::rolleyes:


maybe i'm wrong, but i feel he might have been having a sarcastic dig at certain people. people like you.


The sanest days are mad
Shit music, but this makes my thirst for raping her grow even stronger.
Bloody hell mate calm down. I did not know rape fantasies were reasonable topic on this site.


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From the wiki..

Paramore has expressed appreciation for Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Chicago, Sunny Day Real Estate,[54] Death Cab for Cutie, Fall Out Boy and Failure; Williams citing her personal influences as Robert Smith of The Cure and Etta James.[55] Williams explained that bands such as U2, "who are massive, and do whatever they want, write whatever they want and they stand for something", Jimmy Eat World, "who I don’t think ever disappoint their fans," and No Doubt, who "have done amazing things," act as a pattern for the path in which Paramore would like to take their career.

Can only say.. not impressed with it but she's 20 so I know when I was 20 I liked a lot of crap.. like.. oh no wait.. when I was 20 I was already a bit of a music snob.
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