Question Have you met Steven?


I met him in 2008 at my work. I still can’t believe I approached him. He was alone and shopping, and I walked up to his side and said something along the lines of morrissey I’m sorry to bother you but I just have to tell you how much your music means to me...yadda yadda. I was obviously trembling and speaking pretty softly as I was not prepared for this! But he was really gracious. With every word I said he bowed his head earnestly and said thank you. I showed him my moz tattoo and I asked him to sign a copy of something which he did and I I think my choice impressed him? He seemed impressed. Physically, he was much bigger than I imagined. His chest is quite broad, and he was a bit taller than I imagined too. Very handsome and present. He was patient and genuine. It was pretty awesome. I ended it by saying, “well I’m not gonna bother you any longer”, and then sprinted away straight to the bathroom where I proceeded to break down in sobs. Haha. A perfect meeting.
i wouldve bothered him for as long as possible if it were me

Martha xx

Went to secondary school with him actually... hed always sniff my hair and bark at me so one day i called him a furry and he started to cry ❤️


bumped into him in a tescos, and he knocked my groceries out of my hands. i called him a motherf***er then he proceeded to go over to my mother and make sweet love to her in front of me 😔 the therapy i needed after it was quite expensive

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
I haven’t met him as in bumped into him at the gas station, but I did go to the Autobiography book signing. And despite meeting thousands of adoring, gushing and sappy fans, he treated this adoring, gushing and sappy fan with the utmost respect and attentiveness and warmth. He saw me, he listened to me, and the hug I got might just be the best I’ve ever gotten. It’s up there, at least. I’ll love him always.
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