Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

  • Yes, I am THAT person who shops year round and has everything bought and wrapped by Labor Day

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  • Yes, Amazon giftcards for all ho ho ho

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  • No, it's better to receive than to give

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Perfectly Satisfied
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yes, im done. next point of order is that i need to buy myself a pair of cool shades so that i can pretend im nicky wire minus, alas, the sexy, beautiful, out-of-this-world legs as well various assorted other things he has that i never will.

i think these are pretty cool but maybe not really nicky wire-ish?

these are rad, but yellow kind of looks awful on me (does it matter? what if yellow looks awful on me but red looks good? does it balance itself out?)

also, i have no money because i blew it all on chocolate i cant eat.

what to do, what to do
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