Have you cried while listenin to Moz


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Some of you may raise your eye-brows at this :lbf: just curious though if anybody has ever been listening to Moz/The Smiths and a tear's appeared :tears: for me his music is emotionally overwhelming at times, in a good way though.

Replies plz :D x

Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
Of course!

And during concerts.

And sometimes just looking at him.


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:) I was driving along earlier listening to 'now my heart is full', felt myself welling up a bit inside! its strange! his voice and words though, unbelievably powerful. Good to know im not some weirdo with a strange disposition! :lbf: x


Glamorous Glue
Oh and when i first seen him in 2004 at perth hall, when he walked onto the stage i nearly burst into tears, was my first concert and first time seeing him :D it was so surreal, kept the tears in though as my dad was with me :lbf: x


Yes...listening to "speedway"...or "it's over"...


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Yes... I have...

I have also cried during concerts....


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many times, my first gig, wembley areana first solo tour. cried all the way home! maudlin st and angel down we go together, always set me off. but most of the time i just dance like a looney and sing loudly!!!xx


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Yes, I know it's over, Come Back to Camden (Your leg came to rest against mine, Then you lounged with knees up and apart
And me and my heart, we knew, We just knew, For evermore:tears:
there's more song that well me up, I'll keep them secret


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SO many times.....Ouija Board and Hold on to Your Friends....


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I've never understood why people think crying to songs is silly, people cry during movies, I've never understood that one though personally:crazy:

But saying that, yeah LOTS of Morrissey songs make me cry, I can relate to so many of them, it's a cathartic feeling. The songs just help me get through a lot too its like someone out there gets it at least:o


Yes to Come Back to Camden.Never heard anything quite as wonderful.:)


Trouble Loves me
Manchester Opera House.... Trouble Loves Me.... had me in floods of :tears:
All the time. Mostly it's crying because of how beautifully he is expressing himself, some examples include Late Night Maudlin Street, and Come Back To Camden of course. I Know It's Over too- without fail.


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shit yes,,asleep,please please please ,back to the old house,christ whats wrong with me i am a 43 yr old man i think i need a swift kick in my nuts to bring me to my senses,steve,


Yes, I am spleen
Once during 'Asleep'. I had had a little too much to drink, stuck my vinyl copy of 'Louder than Bombs' on, lied there in the dark in bed, and during 'Asleep' I just felt that the way he was singing, he really, really meant it.
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