have people no shame?



thank you for finding this. The fun part is in the details. "After the auction is over " they'll show you a tour rider.

I also like that they won't sell the lanyard because "they, too, are a huge fan of the Smiths" but this teapot from the dollar store, they can somehow manage to part with. :rolleyes:


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I also have a very rare & valuable sealed zipup fur lined boot that Morrissey once exhaled his own breath in disgust Circa 1989 ( I still keep it airtight Morrissey molecules are there ) whats that worth eh eh ?
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The idiot that buys it will need to purchase a life at auction as well.The mind boggles.:eek::confused:
How Retarded :rolleyes:

Next they'll be selling the sheets he sleeps in at hotels. :rolleyes:
Oh dear god, the mind boggles.
Perhaps I should get my finger out and start my own auction:

'What am I bid for a water bottle (minus cap) used by Morrissey at Sheffield City Hall, 3rd May 2006. How I came by this item is irrelevant, the important point to note is that I finished off the water (thanks Moz, I was really, really thirsty) ergo, the bottle is now empty. However, I'm sure some of his saliva / DNA still exists around the lid and is able to be extracted from mine, should you want confirmation of it's authenticity.' :D

It's like the sale of bloody relics by the medieval church; a vial of his blood will be up there next.


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i should sell my right hand...because he shook it for longer than 4 seconds.


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five bucks per second. if you attempt to lick my hand, i will have to charge you more.

only if you seal it so I can scrape off His cells, take them to a scientist who clones Him so I can have a Moz of my own :D


I`d like a lock of his hair,not a quiff bit mind because thats too precious.A back bit will do.Any one know his barber?He could sell his stubble too.:D
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