Hatful Of Hollow style cover on West Bromwich Albion programme

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By anonymous on Mar 7, 2017 at 1:31 AM
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    This season, the English Premier League team West Bromwich Albion, have been using a very imaginative idea for the front cover of their match day programmes.
    They have been using players to reproduce well known album covers and one such programme, against Swansea in December, saw The Smiths 'Hatful Of Hollow' being given the cover treatment.
    Here are a few examples of albums sampled so far, including HOH.

    West Brom Have Best Programme Covers In Football - Profit Accumulator


    Jukebox ''Come On City'' Jury :thumb:
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by anonymous, Mar 7, 2017.

    1. Abrahan
      There is a house in one of my friend's neighborhoods that has always reminded me of the Hatful color scheme:
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    2. despondency
    3. Anonymous
      baggies baggies
    4. moho
      Best thing on this site in five years
    5. Anonymous
      That house is very close to be a Chelsea shed for skinheads.
    6. Anonymous
      hatful of goals-hahahahahahahahahahahaha-fwaw
    7. Anonymous
      one of the greatest things in my life-the smiths ,combined with one of the worst-the wanky albion-aaaaarrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh
    8. AztecCamera
      WTF is a West Sandwich Albagon and where the f4ooken is that house? Does someone actually live there? That looks like one of those houses on "Cops" in "Broward County."
    9. momo1
      Bottom of the barrel
    10. Anonymous
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    11. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      They are excused.
      But only for once.
      They are proud of him coming from Manchestah.
      Maybe there's noting much else in their life to be proud of than United and Moz?
      Maybe it compensates, even if it is just a little for their spelling abilities.
    12. celibate
      all I know I saw this morning on MOTD, that the Hammers lost their homegame against Bournemouth

      Koeman does Ok with his Everton.

      Wenger will get job behind the desk, or scouting for Arsenal, his years
      are gone, the win on Lincoln for the FA cup will not change the need for a new coach for the Premier League team.

      Chelsea will be this years winner of the of the UK Premier League

      'that's entertainment'
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    13. Anonymous
      Manchester along with the rest of England is now a muslim enclave and people cannot go to the pub without falling foul to sharia laws.
    14. Ben Budd
      Ben Budd
      Hahahahahahahahahaha I didn't know Morrissey posted here.
    15. Anonymous
      basically its a nonentity that likes to spout a load of bollocks which no one else cares about.a bit like ketamine sun if you will-haha

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