Has Morrissey influenced or shaped who you are today?


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I know that very devoted fans of artists or public figures can been immensely inspired by the people they admire.
I think that's a good thing: anything that can enrich a persons life is a positive thing, in my opinion.

To those of you who are dedicated Morrissey fans - has Morrissey, as a person or a performance artists, inspired, shaped or changed who you are today?

There are two main ways I can think of, that Morrissey has altered my life/perception:

1 - I have found his strength in character, his "unapologetic" nature for just being who he is and not pandering to the media, very inspiring. Quite often, when I've been tempted to "back down" or let things go, I've thought of Morrissey and in a way, it's spurred me on to remain strong and not to back down. It's stopped me being lazy, in a sense, avoided the prison of wanting an "easy life" and letting things go. Rather than that, I feel more determined to be true to who I am.

2- I have been a vegetarian for 15+ years, but since seeing some of the footage and PETA issues raised through Morrissey's association, I have become a Vegan. I'm not even sure whether Morrissey himself is vegan, but that's not the actual issue. The fact is, it's through education and exposure raised by him, that has inspired this lifestyle change in me, and I'm far happier, healthier and centred for it.

So, has Morrissey inspired or ignited change in you?


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Being vegetarian, having a flair for language and rather than being ashamed of it actually relishing the opportunity to unleash it, writing about what is true to yourself and his dress sense (83-94).

Oh, and his falsetto.


Loyalty,sensitivity,pride,caring,sharing,questioning,demanding,belonging........i could go on,but i feel once morrissey has entered your life,at any stage,that you become a better person.
This can take shape as a conscious effort to chang/improve,or it can happen subliminally.
It really is a "feelgood"thing,as far as i am concerned,and i feel proud to say that i am a fan !!!
We have a strange surreal bond with perfect strangers who are also fans {just look at this site !!!!!}


just thinking with more nuance and to not be so presumptive. for sure the strength of character and standing your ground is so admirable and the idea of looking for whats hidden. the emotional honesty for sure was encouraging as when they started he started as i grew up in mail stereotype land which means youn dont have emotions. there for girls


Interesting that some people say Morrissey allowed them to be more emotionally open, because I've found that listening to his music (and the Smiths) is me being emotionally open - by listening to it I feel I've vented and then I can carry on.


i get that and kinda envy it a bit as a fan of morrissey. i was never shy, never felt bad about myself (just hated the way others wanted me to feel bad about myself) or felt that i was ugly in any way. i did have some issues that made me persecuted violently but that ended. i envy the defense he put up against a horrible world that u can barely stand and almost everyone you share it with


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I'm gonna go with a big ol' solid YES on this question and site this lyric as proof:

I will be
in the bar
with my head
on the bar
I am now
a central part
of your mind's landscape
whether you care
or do not
yeah, I've made up your mind


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No. Because of who I am I am drawn to the music and the man.

Yes; light bulb moment: you just made me agree emphatically.

Morrissey basically gave me the confidence and encouragement to say what I felt, do what I believed in, be interested in what I was drawn to, and not care what the critics might think and say.

It really was a light switch moment for me being still pretty young when I discovered him. It is a powerful thing to know there is someone else out there like you who says what you feel and allows you to embrace yourself for who you are. That sounds cliche but it isn't. Morrissey is a true original and a true inspiration.

Thinking back I take for granted today how much of an impact he had on me. We really are privileged to have Morrissey and those who don't know or don't care don't know what they're missing. I guess he changes the way you look at yourself (you are just as good as them, you can think for yourself, you don't always have to listen to "them") and in turn that changes the way you see things and look at the world. I'm sure he's improved countless people's lives just by showing them what they didn't see before and they are better for it.

It's OK to be studious and to read.

It's OK to have dreams.

It's OK to think for yourself.

It's OK to disagree when you know it's the right thing to do.

No one is better than you.

It's not only OK to not be straight but not being straight doesn't bind you to anything other than being true to yourself.

Greatness isn't always rewarded but there is always someone who appreciates what you do so keep doing it.

It's OK to have a sense of humour and not be a politically correct carbon copy crowd member.

Standing out is what all the great people in history have done. Be a leader, even if the only person you are leading is yourself. Following the pack mindlessly will never allow you to be anything more than an obedient drone.

It's OK to think for yourself and to question norms, question the things you observe, read, and do.

It's OK to feel, to be sensitive -- in fact it is a strength.

We are the lucky ones.


nice derek i particually liked "It's OK to feel, to be sensitive" to feeling. he does like his overly sensitive senses. i man physical ones as well. he loves touching things (like his face, leather seats) sound and vision (music and film) etc. a lot of lyrics stick to the abstract or are conversational only or perhaps will descibe just an image alone but morrisseys have a lot of physical descriptors of touches and smells and motion etc. i think he sensitive in a lot of ways but now im rambling. night derek or i guess morning now here.

p.s. doc venture also wants to say that its not a track suit its a speed suit (which dont really exist in this time period)


Absolutely wonderful post derek17 !!!!!
We are lucky,and i look around at society in general and think.......if everybody had morrissey in their souls how much better the world would be !!!
Just remember.......those who understand need no explanation.........those that don't,don't matter !!!!!


oh i think they still matter but i get what your saying and support it. i do want to convince some through action that it can be different. i was born in the year 1980, the year darby committed suicide which of course was the same year lennon was shot and killed, and ive seen a lot of change in my life and world though not as much as the rest of the country but still it makes me encouraged for the future of people everywhere. things are so much better now or at least i believe now that atheres the potential to change people. i think the best thing you can do is present an enviable example of a controlled mature person thriving or if youre struggling then your still being happy in the face of adversity is the worst insult to the haters and when they try and hate i just tell them im fine and go about my day smiling cause the worlds a beautiful place even now, even here. i dont care if it sounds cheesy but i do care very much about people and dont want them to be so unhappy and i think being filled with hate makes them unhappy and is counter productive to there own success. when i picture the ideal of who i want to be its not an angry person filled with hate and bile but rather a contented one with friends and laughter floating free and unafraid. i dont wanna be afraid of trying to be an ideal so im trying. i hope others are as well and i put it down to morrissey who didnt necessarily fill me with new ideas but he for sure gave me strength to try and fail and try again without shame. shame is no longer a part of my life. these are for sure first world issues and ive never spent much time in other countries that are a little scary so i dont know the ins and outs of those probelems but i can speak to hear and now and im trying. morissey makes me try harder and i thank him just the same as he thanked those who helped him


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Not in the slightest. Everything I've seen and done and has happened to me has though. Fads and interests come and go.



Love Morrissey ♥
I think with a figure like Morrissey, it's easy to see why many of his fans are very deeply inspired and moved by him. He is no tame, tepid man. Rather he is solid, strong, opinionated, wilful, political and inspiring. His lyrics, the given replies in his interviews, the way he stands for animal rights, his gritty yet poetic lyrics... He is just too fascinating to ignore. He is the Vindaloo of an Indian restaurant, if you pardon the odd choice of expression....he has too much flavour for us not be ignited by him in some way, whether for positive or negative.
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